September 21, 2018
Budget Talks 2019
Paradise Budget Talks 2019, our pre-budget consultations for 2019, expands on consultations held in previous years, and includes more interactive ways for you to talk to us about the budget. The goal is to engage with residents and collect meaningful input as we strike the right balance between maintaining and enhancing our services, programs and infrastructure, while minimizing tax increases. Your input will help us arrive at budgetary decisions that reflect what is most important to our residents.

New this year we have our  2019 Budget Talks Online Simulator. The interactive budget simulator allows you to enter your property assessment and see how your priorities, impacts and preferred service areas impact what you pay in taxes.It also provides a forum to learn more about the budget while providing your specific feedback on municipal services. The consultation includes links and background information to help you throughout.The results of the exercise will be reviewed by Council and shared with the public as part of the budget process.

For information on our pre-budget consultation process, please visit

We can't wait to hear from you! 

Trail Maintenance Work
Maintenance and repair work for the Neil's Pond Trail and the Octagon Pond Trail will begin the week of September 24. The work will be completed Monday to Friday and will be on-gong for approximately four weeks. To facilitate the work, at times small sections of the trails may be closed for short periods of time.

Users are asked to use caution on the trails and to observe posted signage. The Town apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this work.
Recycling Reminder
Recycling is encouraged in the Town of Paradise. It reduces the amount of waste going into the wheeled cart and into landfills. Our 2019 online budget simulator includes questions to get you thinking about recycling, and we want to hear from you.

It's easy to recycle, simply sort your paper products into one blue bag and your containers in another. Cardboard can be placed in a blue bag or broken down and bundled (bundles shouldn't measure more than 2ftx2ftx1ft). Rinse containers before recycling them (milk cartons belong in your container bag).

See-through blue bags must be used for recycling only. Place recyclables loosely in the blue bag. On collection days, place your bags of recyclables at the curb, uncovered, and outside your wheeled garbage cart. Let's all do our part and recycle! For information, visit the website.
Public Council Agendas
The agenda for the Town of Paradise Public Council Meetings is now available prior to the meetings on the Town website.

Public Council Meetings are held the first and third Tuesday of the month. The agenda, which outlines the items to be addressed at each meeting, will be posted to the Council Agenda and Minutes web page the day before the meeting. This is the latest step in the Town's work to support openness and transparency. 
Camelot Crescent Playground Work 
The Camelot Crescent Playground will close effective Monday, September 24 to allow for ground repair work in the area. The playground will be closed for approximately four to six weeks. To facilitate the repair work, the playground equipment will be removed.

Once the ground repairs are complete, the equipment will be returned and the playground will be fully reinstated. The multipurpose courts in the area are not affected by this work and will remain open for regular use. The Town apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this work.
50+ Sock Hop
"Come on baby, let's do the Twist!" Our 50+ community are invited to join us for a night of great live entertainment on Friday, October 5. The Sock Hop will have covers of favorites like Buddy Holly, Elvis, The Temptations, and so much more! This free event includes food, beverages and some great prizes throughout the evening. Pick up your tickets at the Paradise Double Ice Complex reception desk beginning October 1. Find full info on our website.
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