May 2020
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Our conference on 3rd and 4th May was a great success with a huge array of workshops and our amazing contest finalists.

If you attended and would like to see our inspirational workshops, entertaining speeches, again or If you weren't able to make it.

It's not too late. You can book a recording of the event.

Just visit our conference website.
My Journey to the Final by Chris Murphy
I remember 2 years ago in 2018 sitting in a hotel in Bracknell watching the District 91 UK National (South) Speech Evaluation contest final.

All the evaluations had been a high standard. Then Chinkata Okpara came on last and knocked the competition out of the water. My jaw was on the floor. As he was awarded the winner’s trophy I thought, if I could ever give an evaluation like that...

News from our District Trio
District Director Florian Bay recites one of his favourite quotes and reminds us what we’ve achieved together.

Program Quality Director Arnaud Sartre, shares with us - What a event! we had .

Club Growth Director Helena Boden-Brewer, recognises that the lockdown hasn’t slowed us down!
A Huge thank you to our amazing
District 91 Conference Team
Share the value of Toastmasters
#My Why from David Hampton
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