March 2020
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Are you staying connected?

During March 2020 we have seen a lot of changes and challenges, and with communication being at the heart of our DNA we have all looked at ways in which to stay connected.

A lot of clubs have now moved to online meetings using online platforms such as Zoom or Gotomeeting and many others.

Whilst this is a new experience, it can also bring new skills and opportunities, it gives us as Toastmasters a new way in which to present and speak.

We understand that you might be anxious at trying out new technology, something you haven't tried before, remember the first time you stepped into a Toastmaster meeting, how nervous and excited you were.

But the support and camaraderie you received from other members helped you become more confident and more at ease with speaking, an online meeting is no different.

If you haven't yet why not join an online meeting and see what new skills you can learn.

Check out our list of Online Meetings .
You’ve aced your club meetings online. Now, you’re ready for the main event, the D91 Toastmasters Online Conference on 2nd - 3rd May.

Featuring contest finals, educational workshops and a fantastic line-up of the best speakers, from the brilliant Bret Freeman leading ’The Neuroscience of Audience Engagement’ to award-winning speaker Shola Kaye on ‘How to Monetize Your Public Speaking!’, and global TV entrepreneur Andrew Osayemi on ‘How to Network Your Way To Netflix’.

Check out who else will be there and reserve your ticket now.

No travel needed
One of the benefits of our Clubs, Area and Divisions moving to online meeting is that there is no travel involved and it's now even simpler to attend a contest.

Why not take the opportunity to visit your Area and Division Contests from the comfort of your own home.

For details of our Online Contests .
News from our District Trio
Florian Bay, our District Director inspires us to Step up to opportunities.

Arnaud Sartre, our Program Quality Director shares a personal message for our members .

Helena Boden-Brewer, our Club Growth Director offers some advice about preparing for the small screen .
It is okay, to not be okay...
When we say that “we live in challenging times”, it evokes a range of different emotional responses.

Many people will remain stoic and make the best of their situation. There will be those who see the challenges as an exciting opportunity. However, some, particularly those who find even the smallest change to their routines distressing, will be experiencing a complete nightmare which is totally debilitating.

You can still achieve your Triple Crown
It's now easier than ever to take part
With Toastmaster clubs moving online, distance is no longer a challenge to attend other club meetings, whether it's in the UK and Ireland or even further afield. It's a great opportunity to earn your Club Ambassador points. The set-up is the same but instead of a photo with the banner, why not a screen shot of you attending an online meeting.

Find out more about our Club Ambassador programme or find an online meeting that suits you .
Are you ready to lead?
As the end of the Toastmasters year draw near, start to plan for your next moves and consider stepping up to leadership. Fancy learning how to sell? Then become a VP of Membership! Want to have a crack at leading a team and a group? Become a club President! Want to deliver training and coordinate activities on a larger scale? Consider becoming Area Director!
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