January 2020
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Where do you want to be this time next year

As we begin 2020, it's time to start thinking about what your plans are for the remaining part of the Toastmaster year and what do you want to achieve by the end of June 2020.

Why not take every opportunity to continue to learn and grow by going beyond your club and look at what training, workshops and conferences, are planned.

Attending events and spending time with your peers will give you the motivation and courage to try new things. It will also provide a valuable forum for identifying how and what to change.
It could be you!
Contest seaon is about to start at club level, so why not start crafting your award winning speech now, or start practicing your evaluation skills.

Entering your International Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest is a fantastic way to expand your speaking skills, as well as stretching you beyond your comfort zone.

Competing can be a learning curve, but it’s an opportunity to extend yourself, and build your confidence. And in 2020 it could be YOU picking up the International Speech Contest Trophy in Paris.

Be a Trail Blazer
Why not visit some clubs in your Area, Division, District or even the World, and become part of the Club Ambassador Programme, it's open to any Toastmaster member.

Simply pick a club to visit, go along (and even give a speech it may help with your contest preparation), and then record the visit on our district 91 website to collect points.

The more clubs you visit, the further from your home club you venture, and the more roles/speeches you give, the more points you collect! This year we have extra incentives for those reaching Silver and Gold - including a branded Toastmasters rucksack for the top echelon of travelling Toastmasters.

News from our District Trio
Why not view our District 91 You Tube page and out what our District Trio have been sharing on video this month.

View the personal message from our District Director Florian Bay, learn all about Club Officer training from Arnaud Sartre our Program Quality Director and hear how to Talk up Toastmasters from our Club Growth Director Helena Boden.
Hear Annalise's #My Why & Share your #My Why
I t's time to celebrate
The 40th year anniversary is an exciting landmark for Grosvenor Square Speakers, the first and original London club. Established since 1980 and awarded the President's Distinguished Club since 2009. Grosvenor Square Speakers will be hosting a special event to celebrate this landmark anniversary.

Why not join them on 9th March 2020 at 18.15 and hear their amazing key note speaker Simon Bucknall - Finalist in 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking.

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