April 2020
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We're in this together

Most of us have now been isolating due to Covid-19 for the last 4 weeks, and during this time it can be difficult to remain positive.

One way is to try keep your routines in place, if you go to the gym every Friday, then keep your appointment but do your gym work-outs in your hall or garden.

Do you do a pub quiz every week why not ask your friends to join you on a Zoom meeting and take it in turns to be quiz master.

Or if you are missing your Toastmaster meeting then don't forget to join one of the many Online Meetings now taking place.
Meet our 2020 Conference Line-up
An invitation to the first UK District 91 Toastmasters Online Conference on 2-3 May. Featuring a once in a lifetime lineup of international speakers that don’t normally appear in European Toastmasters events, including Immediate Past International President of Toastmasters International, Lark Doley; Top TED Speaker on Public Speaking, Julian Treasure; World Champion of Public Speaking 2001, Darren LaCroix; TEDx and TI Convention 2018 Prominent Speaker, Sarah Khan, and many more.

News from our District Trio
Florian Bay our District Director Celebrates our success.

Arnaud Sartre, our Program Quality Director reminds us it's nearly time.

Helena Boden-Brewer, our Club Growth Director opens a new window to our world .
Discovering Toastmasters Clubs
Make the Most of Lock-Down and Discover Toastmasters Clubs Internationally.

It has always been possible for Toastmasters to visit other clubs abroad, but it’s suddenly become a whole lot easier (and cheaper). The rapid switch to online clubs has opened up the whole of the Toastmasters International community in a way that we could never have envisaged just a few weeks ago.  Antonia Harrison shares some of her experiences and gives advice on how to find clubs to visit .
Are you bored?
“My first recommendation is to look at the camera. I would like to have more eye contact as if you are engaged with me.”

I’m not sure about you, but in the past few weeks these words have become a cliché in giving an evaluation to any speech. The repertoire of the same evaluation would leave me wondering if this suggestion adds much value to the speaker and audience?

I kept wondering what if I couldn’t afford all those high-end technology, What if I had to rely on low bandwidth? What if I lived in a small space and couldn’t make do? What then?
What I learnt from my last 6 month lock-down
Read my story about I survived a medically induced six month lock down several years ago.

I was forced to let go of the hectic life I had, and make some seriously drastic changes to my attitude, outlook and priorities. I had to battle with months and months of being unwell, fearing I would never recover and many unhelpful suggestions.

Read my road to recovery and what I learnt then, to help you persevere through our current lockdown to prevent the spread of COV-19.
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