September 2019
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We are now finishing off club contests, and moving into Area Contests, and I've been very lucky to attend a few contests and the quality of speeches gets better and better.

I'm looking forward to the remaining Area Contests which will run in October, so don't forget to check the dates in your Area and Division and go along and support the winners from your clubs.

Also why not share pictures of your contests, or meetings with me on Facebook, help me spread the value of Toastmasters. You - our members are our biggest asset and I'm always eager to hear your inspiring and personal stories on what Toastmasters and your club has helped you achieve.

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Chantal shares her #My Why
We always say personal stories help us connect with our audience - listen to Chantal's #My Why story and maybe you'll be inspired to share your own my why with us.
News from the District Trio
Florian Bay our District Director shares why this is only the beginning of an amazing adventure of growth and excellence.

Arnaud Sartre, the Program Quality Director congratulates our outstanding members who have helped us achieve over 300 educational awards so far this year.

For all members this an opportunity to step forward and try something new says our Club Growth Director Helena Boden-Brewer.
Mind the Gap - A Gap in the Map
During my tenure in the role of Area Director for Area 42, I became more aware of the distribution of clubs in the South West of England, and noticed the gap of many miles between the clubs in Bristol and their Western neighbours, Exeter.

As I am always keen to have a project on the table, I started to think about this situation and did a little research into towns that fell between the two clubs. By a process of elimination, it became clear that the ideal location for a new club would be Taunton. The advantages of this location where numerous. It had one of the highest concentrations of population, it was on the M5 corridor, and had another large town, Bridgewater, only a few miles away.
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