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Season’s Greetings from District 60!

We are sure that everyone is finding themselves busy this time of year, with plenty to do and seemingly little time to accomplish our goals. Those of us who work may have year-end commitments to meet, and those who are trying to find that special holiday gift may feel that finding that gift is elusive. Getting around seems to be more difficult than it was pre-pandemic, as traffic congestion seems to be at an all-time high. With more places open, coupled with the viruses that don’t want to leave us alone, personal health concerns can be paramount for some. Dealing with stress can make us feel alone at times.

And, oh yes, there is Toastmasters as well.

If we find ourselves overwhelmed in this frenzy, remember to stay connected with your fellow Toastmasters. We not only learn communication and leadership skills, we do so in a supportive and positive learning experience. Connect with another Toastmaster over the holidays. Learn about their goals and desires. Then, begin a friendly challenge in the new year to support each other toward achieving those goals and desires, especially to lift someone past a hurdle that can be an impediment when attempted by oneself.

The road to achievement can be much more rewarding, knowing that there is support.

Happy Holidays!

David Veights 

District 60 Club Growth Director

Table of Contents:

1. Personal growth and developing skills for career advancement

2. District news

3. Celebration, Congratulations and Thank you!

4. Club Officer Information

1. Personal growth and developing skills for career advancement:


Are you interested in nominating yourself or another Toastmaster for an elected district leader position for the 2023-2024 Toastmasters year?

It takes leadership, vision, determination and passion to establish a successful Toastmasters District.

We are now seeking nominations for District 60 Leaders.

Opportunity 1

There are elected positions available for Division Director, Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director and District Director. Visit this dedicated webpage to learn more about the opportunities, the requirements and the application process. 

Candidates who wish to be considered for elected positions must apply by 11:59 pm ET on Sunday, January 15, 2023 - no exceptions.


Opportunity 2

There are appointed positions available for Area Directors and the District Director team. If you are ready to take the first step beyond your own club, then think about becoming an Area Director. Area Directors are important links in the District. 

You can learn more about the role by emailing For appointed positions, the deadline for applications is April 30th, 2023.

We are accepting nominations now - do not delay!

District Leadership Committee Chair 2023-2024,

Aneeta Pathak, DTM, IPDD

b. Club Sponsors and Club Mentors Wanted!

Are you working toward your Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) credential?

Request to be a Club Sponsor and/or a Club Mentor to support District 60’s efforts to build new clubs and at the same time fulfil a requirement on your journey to DTM.

Club Sponsors support a prospective club through the chartering process so that the Club can become an official Toastmasters Club.

Club Mentors assist a newly formed Toastmasters Club to sustain its vibrancy through the first six months after the club charters.

District 60 continues to receive leads of potential new clubs - the opportunity is in front of us to grow new clubs. Work toward receiving your DTM credential by supporting a new club!  

Contact David Veights, Club Growth Director at

2. District news: 

a. Contests Update

It has been truly terrific to see the energy generated by clubs’ Table Topics and Evaluation Contests. After a hiatus of six and four years respectively, we now have new club champions progressing to Area contests in February and March. And soon, clubs will be staging their International Speech Contests.

Please note, Area contests will be online only, and Division contests will be hybrid - meaning that contestants can compete in-person or online, whichever they prefer. To help Area and Division Directors exercise their contest-organising muscles, D60 is holding a training session on January 11. Directors are invited to register here.

b. Half-year Membership and Education Progress

Now that we’re at the halfway point of the Toastmasters year (July-June), how are we doing?

  • Congratulations and welcome to District 60’s 452 new members who have joined one of our clubs since July 1. We’re delighted that you’ve taken the first step to work on your communication and leadership skills.  
  • And some of those new members have already achieved one or more Levels in their chosen Path. All told, District 60 members have completed 285 Levels, and two members have achieved their Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) accreditation.

All members, particularly our new members, are invited to a special event, 7pm ET on Tuesday January 10, to help you get the most value from your membership. This fast-paced 50 minute session will show you an astonishing array of resources, available to you as a member of a District 60 club. 


  • a website that will be your portal to free workshops and educational sessions, all designed to help you improve your communication skills
  • help (if you need it) to get started on your Pathways journey
  • opportunities to expand your resume by leading projects
  • an annual educational event that celebrates and demonstrates the very best talent within 100+ Toronto Toastmasters clubs.


There is no cost for the January 10 session, and you can register here. We look forward to meeting and welcoming you.

c. 2023 Conference - Deadline for Educational Session Proposals

You have until January 23 to submit your proposal for an educational session at next year’s District Conference. Download the submission form from this page, and take the first step to improving your confidence and capabilities to lead adult education.

And, to finesse your submission, do not forget to register for a great workshop that will Create Deeper Reflection In Your Toastmasters Workshop on January 14.

d. 2023 Conference - Communication and Leadership (C&L) Award

Do you know a community hero? Someone who has been outstanding as a leader within their field? Each year we entertain nominations for a non-Toastmaster who has been an inspiration for others, and invite them to our annual conference to recognise their commitment to their community with the Communication and Leadership Award.  

If you would like to nominate someone for 2023, please fill out this form → Communication and Leadership Award Nomination Form. The deadline for nominations is February 28. 

3. Celebration, Congratulations and Thank you!

a. Albany Club Toastmasters leads the way!

Albany Club Toastmasters are the first club to achieve 14/14 officers trained - a perfect record over rounds 1 and 2 of club officer training.

Thank you for your commitment in being as prepared as possible to provide the best possible experience for your members! Clubs with officers who fully understand their responsibilities often have the most vibrant and compelling meetings which inspire guests to join while retaining existing members. 

b. Club Visit Reports

A huge thank you to club officers who welcomed Area Directors into their meetings over the past few months and collaborated on creating Club Visit Reports. Across District 60, we achieved an unprecedented 98% completion rate!

The task now is for everyone to review those reports and implement the most urgent and important recommendations to further improve the quality of club meetings, so we can meet our members’ expectations.

4. Club Officer Information:

a. Club Officer Training

After two sessions (November 19 and December 5), 29% of all club officers have completed Round 2 training. Thank you to all those officers who have already committed to increasing their leadership skills.

There are five more District 60 sessions scheduled in January and February. Don’t procrastinate - register now using the links on the D60 Events Calendar.

Be part of our social media team - join today and enhance your copywriting and sales skills, as well as discover the (great) designer in you!!!

Happy Holidays from your friends at District 60 Toastmasters! 

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Spending time with family, giving gifts, decorating the Christmas Tree 🎄, eggnog and building snowmen ☃️.  

Spread some holiday cheer by giving a toast 🥂 about what you are thankful for.

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