Tobacco OVT Data
Please see the attached Official Variety Test (OVT) data for flue-cured tobacco.  As you may recall, the 2018 data was lost due to hurricane damage.  In addition, we have experienced low yields in the OVT during 2019 and 2020.  Our low yields in the variety testing program mirror problems experienced on farms in our area.  However, you need to see the recent OVT data to evaluate how new varieties are performing when compared to our industry-standard varieties.  Therefore, we are including two data tables for your review.
OVT Data December 2020 Newsletter
This data hopefully illustrates that our yield issues in the last few years are due to environmental factors and not a degradation of our varieties.
Johnston Tobacco Production Meeting - January 15, 2020
Due to COVID-19, the Johnston County Tobacco Production meeting will be held virtually on January 15, 2021 at 9:00 am.  Meeting attendance is optional and not required as continued education for GAP compliance.  However, the information that is presented and discussed will be focused on helping you produce a successful tobacco crop in 2021, and will certainly assist you with good agricultural practices.  This extension meeting will be brief, lasting approximately 1.5 hours and will include information from Dr. Matthew Vann, Dr. Lindsey Thiessen, Dr. Hannah Burrack, and Dr. Grant Ellington, all Extension Specialists at NC State University.  The discussion will be facilitated around problems and issues that have raised concerns with our tobacco crops in the past 2-3 years. Also, there will be time for questions and answers from the audience. Pesticide continuing education credit will be offered and a camera to verify attendance will be required.

We must require registration for the meeting either online ( or by calling the Johnston County Extension Office at 919-989-5380.  If this is your first experience with this kind of meeting, we will gladly make a prior appointment with you to help give you guidance on how it will work.  In addition, if you require any additional accommodation to participate, please let me know by calling our office.
US Tobacco GAP Training
Tobacco GAP continuing education training will occur online this year and not in conjunction with an extension meeting.  This change is due to COVID-19, however, this training is still required by most tobacco purchasers to comply with contracts.  Please click on this link to go straight to the US Tobacco GAP website and register for an appropriate training opportunity.  If we can assist with this matter, please give us a call.
Fumigation Recertification
For those of you that have a fumigation certification (category Z) on your private pesticide license and require renewal, Tim Britton will offer a recertification class immediately following the tobacco meeting.  You will only need this training if your license expires in 2021.
US Tobacco Situation and Outlook & Tobacco Variety Information Webinars
If you missed the live events with Dr. Blake Brown on the tobacco outlook or with Dr. Matthew Vann and Dr. Ramsey Lewis on tobacco varieties, you can watch a recording of the two events.

COVID-19 Update & Supplies
Due to COVID-19, most extension activities will be virtual.  I assure you that this is not what we prefer.  We realize that this can be a major barrier and it is our desire to make every provision possible.  We will be able to show recorded meetings in the office to small groups of less than 10 people or help you individually, just let us know if you need any assistance.

We anticipate having PPE to protect farmers and farm workers again in 2021.  We expect a shipment of stock soon to be able to again provide hand sanitizer, masks, and more.  If you come by the office, we would love to provide you a supply to meet your 2021 needs at no cost.  Alternatively, we will make deliveries as soon as possible. Thank you.
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