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We've been working hard over the last months to create a new, updated website for you to discover more about TSI and to connect with us.

TSI has gone from being an individual organization to a collaborative with groups of TSI trainers around the world.   With a new name, simpler format, and colorful images, this website is created for easier viewing and more information regarding events, programs, trainers, literature, and general TSI information.

We hope to showcase the wide variety of places and ways that TSM is used...from the Middle East where Ben Rivers uses it to guide his Playback Theatre moments at the border walls, to in-depth groups by Sylvia Israel in San Francisco, fantastic work with eating disorders by Linda Ciotola, and uniquely creative work with adolescents from Mario Cossa.  

In addition to the Calendar and Certification pages, we've added a blog section in which Dr. Kate writes about general and specific issues and features of the Therapeutic Spiral Model.  

We hope you'll find our new website more user-friendly and informative.   We are working to support each other and it feels good and right.  Join us for a workshop or a reading and become part of our ever-growing TSI family.  
(See below for Recover! Charlottesville.)

Thank you,
Francesca Toscani, Newsletter Editor &
 TSI Team Member

Recover! Charlottesville
A one-day gathering - September 27th

Charlottesville, VA


Recover! Charlottesville
A one-day gathering - September 27th

Dear Psychodrama community,

I wanted to let you know of a Morenean happening September 27th from 6-9 PM.  TSI is hosting a open public event using TSM Psychodrama for community healing after the violence of August 11-12 in our community.  

Recover! Charlottesville  will use sociometry, enactment, doubling, group therapy, empty chair and other action structures to help prevent PTSD settling into our community.  

There is a six month window of opportunity after violence when post-traumatic GROWTH can take place or old patterns can return and problems escalate.  Now is a time for action!  And act we are doing.  

This TSM Community Action Team is led by me, joined by 6 psychodramatists and some community activists.  Karen Carnabucci returns to a TSM team along with new member Joshua Lee.  Andrea Hummel, who is a cultural anthropologist and a senior TSM trainee, will be the TSM Assistant Leader.  This is our first co-created event.  My husband, Peter Dummett is happy to play roles along with long time TSI Trainer and Playback Conductor, Larry Golds tein.  

We are partnering with Michelle James, who started the C'ville Creativity Network, and event planner Linda Warren and her daughter Cara.  Cara is making some videos with me about post-traumatic growth (PTG), which is what psychodrama is all about!  

What a great cast of characters with many varied skills to help take the clinical map of TSM into the community!  It is exciting and we hope  you join us in this healing venture.

Love and tele, 

Therapeutic Spiral International