June 2017

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If you like my group coaching sessions, this newsletter or my one-on-one coaching, I would greatly appreciate your nomination for this year's Best of Denton County - Personal Coach. You don't need to live in Denton County to nominate! Here's how: 

- Click HERE
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Thanks very much for your help. I appreciate each of you, and hope to see or hear from you again very soon. 

Oh, how I greedily relish a new book, especially in summertime. The fresh cover and unrumpled pages promise, "I have new ideas, ones you haven't heard about yet, and they're very interesting. I'm so good you'll want to make special time for me. Have a seat..." 

Of course the publishers/marketers know this, and are inundating us with "curated recommendations" and "best reads". The last book I chose based on reviews was a complete snore. Admittedly, reviews are the opinions of people I don't know, and who don't know me. So...

I'd love to hear your book recommendations, along with why you enjoyed the read. Post them at  What's Next Life Coaching with Penny Rackley. Thanks!

- Penny


Last year brought several big changes to my life, especially regarding time. I used to have long, luxurious swaths of it all to myself - to read, do yoga, experiment in the kitchen, visit with friends, hear myself think. 

Now when I'm not coaching clients or bossing our gangly teenager, I'm at my husband's shop, greeting customers, working the front office. It's new and different, always interesting, busy.

With the old schedule, I delighted in concocting personal, long-range goals and plans. (January: yoga retreat with Traci, February: coach Jen's running group, March: host a wine tasting for the girls...). But recently, if I'm going to take care of myself along with life's other demands, the focus has to be on TODAY. 

Maybe that's where you are too - struggling to make time for yourself, to know whether you're coming or going. We need a strategy, right? This one has been working for me so far. 

As I'm brushing my teeth in the morning, I think, "What are the most important things I can do to take care of myself today?" No worries or commitments for next month or even tomorrow. 

Here's today's list: 

_ Exercise for an hour. When you want to quit, remember that exercise always makes you feel better.
_ Connect with someone you care about. Facebook doesn't count! 
_ Read something that makes you think. Something juicy.
_ Don't consume too terribly much bread/wine since yesterday was pizza day.
_ Spend undistracted time talking with (insert name of child or spouse). Really listen, even if they talk about cars.

If I check off all these boxes by the end of the day, then I've won the self-care game. It feels great.

Selfish? I don't think so. Because no one else can exercise for me. No one else can take my medicine, choose my food, share my relationships, think through my thoughts. Who else would I allow to monitor my alcohol and media intake? If I don't pay attention to these details, I get a junky life. And I'm not much good to anyone else either. 

I would love to hear what goes on your Today list. Write to me anytime at  pennyrackley@mac.com

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