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Home, Housing, Houslessness:  
The Silent Crisis Sweeping the U.S.

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Eleven years ago the housing market crashed. The results of the Great Recession are being called "a silent crisis in America." Decades of city, state and federal policies have contributed to rising rents, falling subsidies and the systematic shift where having a home is a privilege for the select few and not a basic human right.
Today PDF presents groups that are calling for change, not offering aid but rather answers as to how we can fix the root problems of the housing crisis. They   are employing new strategies, building new structures and transforming policies that are working against the American people.
Will you invest in them with us?   
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During Grassroots Funding Week, PDF shares the stories and missions of prospective grantees with our broad community of partners and supporters.

To participate, go to our website  each day this week, read about the amazing work community groups are doing, and click on the organizations you want to support. Become a donor and direct funder yourself, and together we build the movement for social change.

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