Liberated Minds is ecstatic to present...
Black Worldschool Week:
A virtual festival of manifesting
new realities of education for Black families!!
The world is our classroom!
Our life is our curriculum!
Let's Celebrate The Infinite Possibilities Of Adventure!!!
Put the Actualization Behind The Imagination!
Black Worldschool Week & Virtual Festival is happening right here within the Liberated Minds Magic online March 7-14, 2022!

It's time to learn, explore, and create new realities! No matter what your financial situation or
where you come from,

World Travelers!
Together, we will unapologetically explore liberation through travel, as education is the root of true liberation.

Many people think family travel is for the rich, yet our lives can be enRICHed by creating new thought patterns that nurture the spirit!

Join worldschoolers and wanna-be worldschoolers as we transform our THOUGHTS into ACTIONS and LIFE into LIBERATION!

Liberated Minds has lots of
Blacknificent experiences planned for
7 whole days of excitement!
  • Amazing Family Fun
  • ´╗┐Virtual En-Vision Boards Party
  • Games & Trivia
  • Music & Dance
  • Special Worldschool Guest Interviews
  • Give-a-ways
  • Youth Travel Storytime
  • Manifestation Meditations
  • Black Wordschool Webinar
  • And More!
It's time to manifest the LIBERATION we deserve!
Day 1
Monday, March 7

Black Worldschool Week & Virtual Festival Kick-Off!
Manifestation Meditation
with Queen Yenn
7:30 pm EST
Meet the Tarltons,
RV Worldschool Family
8:00 pm EST
Q&A included!
Meet Author Verlyn Tarlton, Author of the Swift Walker Book Series!
Day 2
Tuesday, March 8

It's Giveaway Time!
Day 1 Winners
Maggie Wynn
Winner of the Giant Travel Globe!
Congratulations, Maggie!
The Tarlton Family
Winner of One Full Spring Semester On The Homeschool HUEniversity Campus!
Day 2
Tues March 8
Worldschool Week
Congratulations In Advance!

Day 2 Winners To Be Announced Via Email On
Saturday March 12th!
Day 3
Wednesday, March 9th

Travel Storytime For Afrikan Children!
2 pm EST
Get Your Chance To Win A Swift Walker Book and A One Month Subscription To iReadify, A Black Virtual Library Of 600+ Black Audio & E-Books For Black Children and By Black Black Authors!
Day 4
Thu March 10
8 pm EST
Live IG Interview With Sakile of Embrace Your Free! She Is A Wife, Homeschool Mother of 6 & Worldschool Guru who has traveled to 50 states & abroad, and assisted over 600 families with Worldschooling!

Day 5
Friday March 11 @7 pm EST
Virtual EN-vision Boards

Come experience an evening of music, laughter, creativity & fun, as we create our very own reality as we find images that represent what we EN-vision for our present & future LIBERATION!
*You may create your En-vision Board with any digital medium you prefer. For those of you who have not used a graphic design platform, feel free to download CANVA for FREE at or one of your preferences. PLEASE CREATE AN ACCOUNT IN ADVANCE.
You can use personal photos and/or download pictures from online for your En-vision Board.

*Also, please note that you may also create a physical EN-vision board using poster board and/or paper and glue, fabric, pictures, cut-out magazine pics, etc. on your En-vision Board! Be As Creative As You Want!
Day 6 & 7
Sat & Sun March 12 & 13
Send Us A Few Of Your Family Travel Photos To Be Posted On Our Liberated Minds Digital Worldschool Quilt!

*We will share family pictures via email blast to our Liberated Minds Family, our website, etc. Please do not send pictures that you do not want shared publicly.
This is going to be exciting!
And Our Special Bonus! Oh, you know Liberated Minds Has To Give You That Special Bonus! You know we always gotta put the icing on the cake and a lot of love sprinkles too!
"On Monday March 14 @ 7:30 pm EST, Sakile of Embrace Your Free Will Be Giving A
FREE Worldschool Webinar,
where YOU will have the Blacknificent opportunity to learn more about living the Worldschool Life rather than just dreaming about it! She has opened up my eyes to so many, both simple and adventurous, Worldschool ways to ENJOY my favorite part of life, SPENDING TIME WITH FAMILY & Loved Ones. " -Queen Taese