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December 23, 2016

Join me and MARY in making 2017 even better!

The MARY A. WHALEN made history in a way that affects you. 

48 years ago today, the MARY A. WHALEN went aground in the Rockaways, setting in motion events that led to the major 1975 Supreme Court decision "U.S. vs Reliable Transfer." That decision ensures that guilty parties pay for the costs of their actions and makes for a better environment.

Please help me and PortSide NewYork continue to make history with this noble ship. Help us restore her. Help us further our mission to make better urban waterways by making a year-end donation today.

I founded PortSide NewYork to change NYC's waterfront, to create a place called PortSide, from which the MARY comes and goes, to demonstrate more dynamic, culturally rich, community-oriented and maritime-focused ways to revitalize our waterfront. 

PortSide is fulfilling that vision, more than ever, having just completed our first full year at a publicly-accessible location.

See the progress in our 2016 year in photos.

Please donate and help PortSide grow programs such as these:
Please donate and #GetOnBoard, as we say at PortSide. 

And best wishes for your holiday season! 



Click the button or send a check made out to "PortSide NewYork" 
P.O. Box 195, Red Hook Station, Brooklyn, NY 11231.

PortSide NewYork is a 501(c)3 organization.
Donations are tax-exempt to the full extent of the law.
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PortSide NewYork is a living lab for better urban waterways. 
PortSide brings WaterStories to life. 

Our WaterStories programs, services and advocacy show how to combine the working waterfront, public access and community development. 

PortSide brings the communities ashore and afloat together, 
for the benefit of all.
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