The Boston Globe's nonstop negative portrayal of Massachusetts Republicans sure makes sense now.

Journalists, registered as members of the Democratic Party, working in news media, covering Massachusetts Republicans.

Well, knock me over with a feather.
Now some good news: We recently brought former Massachusetts Secretary for Veterans Affairs Francisco Urena, an outstanding individual who has made sacrifices time and again to help his fellow veterans, aboard to help lead our Veterans Coalition.

We made the announcement Sunday night. Somehow that story wasn't newsworthy enough for outlets like the Globe, but it was for others like the Boston Herald, State House News New Service, and Lawrence Eagle-Tribune.

The struggle to break free from a toxic one-party system here in Massachusetts is real, folks, especially when we not only have to overcome the Democrats, but the largest newspaper in New England, apparently.

Rest assured, we aren't backing down.

I thank you for your continued support!

To Victory,
Jim Lyons
Chairman, Massachusetts Republican Party
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