KVMR's first MEMBERSHIP DRIVE in 5 Months begins October 1st-- DONATE TODAY and your gift is DOUBLED,thanks to an anonymous fan
When everything looks dark- let KVMR light the way. Count on KVMR when the lights go out, when the fires flare, during a global health crisis. We will still be here Wednesday, November 4th no matter who wins. If you’ve got a radio you’ve got a friend. KVMR is committed to serving our community. When there’s an emergency we’ve got regular updates to keep you safe & informed, and when you just need a friend we’re here to play you some great music. Our service is directly made possible because of listener support. This year KVMR sustained serious hits to our operational budget. With fire season in full swing and a recent PG&E power shut-off, KVMR's service remains an invaluable asset our community. We are asking for your support today.
Our fall membership drive kicks off October 1st. Without on-site volunteer support we've cut it down to 4 days. Many thanks to the generous anonymous donor offering today's cash incentive to help us raise the money we need. Any donations made today will be DOUBLED- up to $5000. Today your donation has maximum impact. DON'T MISS OUT, DONATE NOW. We have so much gratitude for the listeners who have supported us already this year. You make community radio possible & we are your station!
This just in! KVMR is launching a FREE Speaker Series for Sustaining Members only. The reliable monthly gift Sustainers give allows KVMR to focus more on service and less on fundraising. We've been able to shorten the duration of our drives and endure through challenging times because of sustainer support. Our first speaker is Michael Moore, October 13. We'll be sending an invite to SUSTAINERS ONLY after the drive, and there are just 500 spaces! See you there, KVMR family!
It's Called Swag, You Should Get Some
We postponed 25th Celtic Festival 'til 2021, but we celebrated the day anyway by putting together 25 great tracks to celebrate 25 years. This 2CD set is your gift with a donation of $7.50 a month/$89.5. GET YOURS NOW
40 Years of DEAD AIR on KVMR! To commemorate this spectacular achievement local artist RL Crabb designed a t-shirt. Printed both front and back, this unisex shirt is ONLY offered during this drive. GET YOURS NOW with your gift of $10 a month/$120.
Thanks for 33 1/3 years! Brian Lee retires his show
KVMR's longtime doo-wop show host Brian Lee is moving out of state. Considering his passion for record collecting was 7" singles (he had over 18,000), we think he should have stayed for 45 years... Get it? You will be missed, Brian! Happy trails, KVMR will always love you!
Brian Lee hangs up Saturday's "Rhythm & Blues Revue"

Back in 1987, new volunteer broadcaster Brian Lee’s love for a particular era of oldies found a radio
home on KVMR 89.5 FM. “KVMR gave me an amazing opportunity to be a broadcaster,” Lee said. “I had no idea it would have lasted this long. I have new dreams and adventures to pursue, and I’m really excited to get started, but I will never forget the experience of working with KVMR.”

A one-of-a-kind broadcaster, Brian Lee will be missed. Read Steve Baker's full article
One of the most powerful, immediate fundraising tools we have are MATCHING GIFTS. Matching gifts inspire listeners to become members, and essentially double the seed money. KVMR is looking for philanthropists who understand community radio is like the road-- you don't think about it but it's essential to the whole health of a community.

We don't have cute pictures of sad-eyed puppies (see gratuitous puppy pic), but make no mistake: for 42 years KVMR has introduced our community and your favorite organizations to a wide listening audience. The impact of vibrant community radio is PRICELESS. Thanks to our generous contributors who donate matching dollars. Join Greg Fowler of B&C Ace Home & Garden Center in the Fowler Center, who offered a generous match this drive, saying, "We're happy to help and appreciate the service of KVMR." He's offering to double your money during select shows this drive. Thank you, Greg!

Matching gifts come in all sizes. If you'd like to find out how you can offer a matching gift, call Membership Director Adriana Kelly (530) 264-4165.
The first black postwoman was unsurprisingly badass, STAGECOACH MARY FIELDS

The apple doesn't fall far, Elvis Costello's dad ROSS MCMANUS tears it up

Hyperrealistic ballpoint portraiture of PATRICK ONYEKWERE

DARWIN AWARD Winner of the Month

T SISTERS impossibly sweet harmonies

Watch it again- Ricky Gervais savagely ROASTING HOLLYWOOD 2020

Water water all around and not a drop to drink. DIRTY POPSICLES from around the world.

ONEMIC Series... minimalist recordings with just one nice mic...
MARIACHI STRANGLERS, what it you expect except better, and in fairness BRUBECK'S "GOLDEN BROWN"

Heavy metal frontman Rob Zombie moonlights directing TERRIFYING COMMERCIALS

Lester Young's Oscar nominated 1944 short film, JAMMIN' THE BLUES

We'll have to take his word for it, JOHN CAGE'S 639 YEAR SONG



Long read: CHILDREN OF 9/11 VOTE for the first time

Finally, some GOOD NEWS
More and more KVMR Broadcasters deliver
Homemade Radio Shows:
What's in the stars for your giving future? Consult KVMR's unscientific Oracle to find out if it's Sustainer, Bequest, Vehicles, Real Estate, IRA, Your First Born-- just kidding, no children or animals please.
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