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Great news: Breakfast With Bacon airs live at 2 p.m. eastern time today, and I'm right there with you in the "good fight"! Wondering about the real effects of divorce? Maybe you or someone you love is suffering them now. Click here to tune in as Catholic author, speaker and radio-show host Angela Erickson discusses her experiences as an adult child of divorce (ACoD) and more.

And if you missed recent helpings of BWB, you can head back now for your fill on-demand, including "From Gangster to God," the incredible conversion of Catholic evangelist John Pridmore!

What else is new? How I "stand" up for my marriage (and yours!) on "The Dr. J. Show," information about standers services (and how to support the mission), upcoming events, how to book a keynote, seminar or training on marriage and relationships, new "Find Your Way Home" episodes with Christine Watkins and me, and more. Scroll down for details and links!
Live Today at 2 p.m. Eastern Time:
April 11, 2022 at 2 p.m.: Wondering about the real effects of divorce? Without condemnation or shaming of those parents who have chosen divorce, Angela Erickson an adult child of divorce (ACoD) delves deeply into the trauma she experienced after the breakup of her parents and family. What’s most traumatic for many is that the wounds an ACoD bears are nearly always invisible and, if not addressed, can fester indefinitely and scar for life. Tune in for how to deal, heal and even prevent the often-overlooked trauma and more!
Upcoming Seminar:
Watch for details about my seminar in Hampton Roads, Virginia, in May, exploring the "five love languages"!
Relationship Keynotes and Marriage Seminars
Millions of people every day face stressful, seemingly irreconcilable issues in their personal and professional relationships. Some are preparing to marry, trying to wrap their heads and hearts around the effects of an affair, or simply want their marriage to be the best it can be. Might you be the answer to their prayers?
I specialize in guiding individuals and organizations to transformative communication, understanding and more in their personal and professional leadership and relationships. Years ago I also accepted the calling to help God save a million marriages. Since then I authored the life-changing book "The Super Couple" and speak to large audiences about marriage -- everything from preparing for marriage to fighting (standing) for marriages in trouble. Contact me today for customized speeches and seminars to help members of your church, organization or community bring and receive the very best in the marriages and relationships which God has brought forth and blessed. Hot topic now: How to survive an affair, which includes specific strategies for recognizing affairs, the truths about the causes, and strategies for winning back your spouse’s love and regaining trust. Contact me today, and let's get it started.
Standers Services
You may have heard the term before, but what exactly is "standing," and who are the standers? A stander is one who is standing for reconciliation of a marriage: a spouse, child, sibling, parent, etc. Standers believe in the covenant made at a wedding that “what God has joined together, no human must separate (Mk 10:9)” — not even a judge. There's more to it, and perhaps this message is finding you at just the right time. If you or someone you love feels alone, hopeless, powerless or unaware that support and services exist at this critical, confusing and seemingly isolating juncture, today changes all of that. As part of my personal-spiritual mission to help God save a million marriages, I've been leading standers meetings and services for years. Please head to my website's Standing Services page for the information and support you need. My Standing Services are free of charge. And, prompted by many who have asked how they can give back, pay forward or simply support the mission, I have recently added a Donations button.
Join Dr. Christine Bacon and the Amazing Christine Watkins
In late 2020, I embraced the distinct honor of having been asked to co-host Christine Watkins' weekly "Find Your Way Home" radio show at Queen of Peace Media. Click the play arrow below to watch a recent episode, or click the button beneath it to head to the channel on YouTube for on-demand episodes (remember to subscribe!).
Click the "play" arrow to watch "To Stop WWIII," Fatima devotion must be done now:
Breakfast With Bacon "Reheats"
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Here's a taste of what you might have missed:
April 4, 2022 at 1 p.m.: Don't miss this riveting conversation with John Pridmore, author, international speaker and Catholic evangelist, shares his absolutely compelling story of life before, during and after his miraculous conversion from darkness and destruction to God and into the man he is today. Don't miss it! And do share it!
March 14, 2022: Duffy Kane endured horrible sexual abuse and ritualistic torture at home as a child. He had no formal religious upbringing but remembers being introduced to Jesus at his Baptist nursery school. Years later he quit high school, earned his GED and learned to play guitar. He got his first record deal in 1991 and eventually hit the Billboard charts at #8. Despite his successes, the effects of childhood abuse never fully subsided, and trauma took its toll. In the wake of more recent church abuse scandals, Kane realized that the scandal was in the silence, and he would no longer be quiet about the abuse he endured by those who should have protected him. Now as regional captain of the Church Militant Resistance Team, Kane uses his voice to help build a Catholic army that will eventually take back the church, the legislature and one nation under God.
Mar. 25, 2022: "So many married people want to be single, and so many single people want to be married." Just because a marriage isn't what you thought it would be doesn't make you unmarried, Dr. Christine Bacon recently explained on the Dr. J. Show. What's going on, why, and what do we need to change in order to bring and receive the most in our marriages and relationships? Some of it may be hard to hear, but get over it ... and get on with what's within your power to promote understanding, healing and the love intended for you as a couple.
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