APRIL 1ST, 2021
Vice President Jim Herring Hits the Road
SafTCart Vice President Jim Herring and his wife, Melinda, have hit the road, traveling the South, Midwest and Plains States to visit with customers. Traveling with a custom built tailgate basket, they have many carts on show for an in-person display of SafTCart products and quality.
Jim says this is one of his favorite parts of his job, getting out on the road and meeting with our customers he speaks daily. He says it is important take the time to visit your customers and tour their facilities. This allows SafTCart to better serve our customers. Jim is is on the road again this week, making the rounds through Tennessee, Kentucky, and up into Indiana.
Earl Clark
Earl Clark, from Clarksdale, MS, has worked for SafTCart for over 22 years. Currently he is a welder on the cradle line. His experience allows him to ensure the cradle line keeps in production and meets demand.
Earl has been a hard worker his entire life. Raised a Christain, now 65, he values his spirituality and his job. He loves the atmosphere at work and greatly enjoys how "it's a big family here.v From the day he was hired, Earl appreciats how welcoming SafTCart is and how everyone gets along.
Although Earl plans to retire soon, he wishes the best for SafTCart's future. He says the friendliness and closeness the employees have greatly aide in the total output, and if SafTCart were to continue like at present, he believes there are great things destined for the company.
Texas-Style Pallets
SafTCart builds pallets of all sizes to fit every pallet beds' dimensions.The Texas-Style pallets are unique in that in features a convenient built-in ramp to assist in thew loading and unloading of cylinders.
A unique addition to our pallet line the Texas Style has its own variants.
The Texas-Style is your standard pallet, the STP-16, but it includes a ramp. Made with 3/16 inch floor plate,it is 42" x 42" x 49". With its standard design, there will be not much change from operations with a normal STP-16, only change is it will only go on a Texas_style trailer.