August 1st, 2023

SafTCart Continues Business as Normal Through these High Temperatures

A fan as found in every work station

A contentious point is the humidity. Being located in the flatlands of the Mississippi Delta and the Mississippi River a mere two miles west, humidity tends to be higher here. Humidity, while not dehydrating on its own, increases the heat index greatly. To counter this, employees always have access to fresh ice and water with the break room being well cooled to give much needed relief.

As summer bears on heating factories around the country, remember the essentials of summertime, stay cool and hydrated and stay safe.

SafTCart is boldly braving this summer's heat. With record temperatures being set every day, it is essential that the plant floor employees stay cool and hydrated. To help keep the factory cooler, there are large fans in the exterior walls pulling outside cooler air in and in the roof pulling hot air out the top. Furthermore, every welding booth and work station have individual fans. The oven room is mostly separated to keep employees safe and away from the much higher temperatures found within.

An exterior wall fan bringing in outside air and which keeps a steady circulation inside.

Employee Spotlight:

Glenn "Gym Shoe" Maiden

Glenn Maiden, known around here as Gym Shoe, is 56 years old from Dublin, MS, a small town near Clarksdale. He lives with his wife, Jacqueline, of six years and their three cats and two dogs. They have seven children and six grandchildren. He is the middle child of eleven. Gym Shoe's nickname does not have much of a history, it is merely a name he has been called.

Gym Shoe has worked at SafTCart for three years. He first started in the laser building, making sure the laser tables ran optimally, but has since switched to the assembly department. His everyday tasks in assembly include cutting axles and inserting them and wheels on to carts, affixing decals, touching up paint blemishes, and stocking them in inventory, ready to be shipped.

In his free time, Gym Shoe likes landscaping and yard work. He said these times provide nice alone time to be with his thoughts or zen out. He says working at SafTCart is very similar, and he is "very grateful to have a job at SafTCart, when a lot of folks do not have a job." He likes that he has learned a lot of new skills and gained experience and he enjoys meeting new people. Gym Shoe gave a special thanks to John Brooks for teaching him a lot of life skills and helping him get a job at SafTCart, saying, "he will be missed."

Featured Product:

950-10 & 10B

The 950-10 is the perfect-sized cart for everyday mobility. Its smaller stature than our larger oxy-acetylene carts makes it suitable for tight work stations with little room. Do note there is no firewall option so this cannot be used to store tanks overnight.

The 950-10B is the twin to the normal 950-10 except for its special removable handle which allows for compact storage and easy boxing. It is among our custom box cart line: a series of carts made specifically to be packaged in boxes for cheaper and easier transportation.

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