August 2nd, 2022

Keeping Up With SafTCart

The Renewed Paint Line and

Inventory Digitization are Operational

Last month I highlighted our current projects here at SaftCart, including the building of a new paint booth and the digitizing of our production line. Now that these projects are completed, we now are realizing greater economies of scale and a higher control of production. 

In addition, our new paint line has already resulted in far improved quality, and it has greatly increased the lighting, air control, and work space. Furthermore, there have been special vents installed along the booth that pull excess airborne paint out of the area. This new booth has significantly cut down in possible errors that may arise. 

2022 has brought many changes to SafTCart. It only remains to see what further changes may come about.

The digitization of our assembly line will soon be opporation, with final testing ongoing. This will allow our production to be digitized from the beginning of production out to shipping, with every product part to every completed product being documented.

Employee Spotlight:

Abe Walker

Abe Walker, at 42 years old, has lived in Clarksdale, MS, his whole life and has three kids. He likes to relax outside where he spends his weekends. He enjoys the times he is asked to help Big Jimmy Walker work on his yard, saying "it is always a pleasure to help Mr. Walker."

Abe's father helped Big Jimmy launch SafTCart years earlier. Abe, Jr. has worked for SafTCart since 2007 and is currently our cage line supervisor where he oversees production. He loves working with people and making them laugh, stating he is a people-person. We greatly value all Abe has done for the SafTCart family. 

The SC-13

SafTCart's Steel Wheel


The SC-13 is our signature steel wheel built for the toughest of situations. Suitable for shop floors, it is a great alternative to the semi-pneumatic and flat free tires for flat surfaces. At 20 inches in diameter, it is built to carry the largest carts. 

For more information about our steel wheel options, please contact our customer service at 1-800-542-2278 and check out all of our options at