December 11th, 2023

SafTCart Hosts

Mississippi State Student Engineers

SafTCart had special visitors on November 17th. The Engineering Department from Mississippi State University had a goal with this visit; identifying and reducing the carbon footprint of SafTCart as a part of their engineering courses. The team consisted of thirteen engineering students and doctoral candidates and an advisor from the US Department of Energy. They set out to locate all sources of energy consumption, calculate each sources net energy use and then strategize energy saving procedures to be more energy efficient. They identified our greatest use of energy as natural gas, which SafTCart uses to operate our dryer after carts are washed and our baking oven after carts are powder coat painted.

Some recommendations in reducing energy consumption include swapping to all LED lighting, adding solar panels to make use of empty space such as the factory roof and shortening the compressor on time. SafTcart is always striving to be more efficient in production and resource use through our recent reconfiguration of production flow and construction projects, and now we may also add better energy efficiency to the list. Thank you to Mississippi State Engineering students and faculty and the US Department of Energy for the insights.

SafTCart Begins Works on the Bi-Annual Enhancement Project

This year during the Christmas and New Years break, much like last year with the expansion of the locked storage area, SafTCart will be adding a new storage room out near the manifold and cradle department so to better store fabricated cradles and cages that are awaiting distribution. This will decrease the exposure to the elements to minimize rust and damages. This new building is expected to be completed within January. Stick around for the next couple of months to follow the progress

Honoring Our Veterans

SafTCart appreciates the service and duty of all who serve in the armed forces. Every November on Veterans Day, SafTCart treats our veterans to a free lunch. Pictured are Prince Adam Cotton, Jr. (Prince); Larry Williams (Hop); Earnest Gilbert (Earnie); and Victor Jackson (Vic). Thank you for your service.

Featured Product:


Our own propane cart, the 7-900-4P is designed to carry large propane tanks with ease. Its unique design cuts on weight and materials, saving you on both efficiency and costs. A safety chain secures the load while pneumatic wheels keep you up and running, ensuring smooth continuous operation.

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