December 21st, 2022

Building a New Locked Inventory Area

for Better Efficiency and Control

SafTCart's annual winter project this year was the renovation of our locked storage area and combination of that area and a small office managed by Scott Carraway. This new area will provide adequate storage to house all of the old "cage" as it was known and Scott's office with new office space for him.

As with the construction projects of the previous years, the goal of this new area is to increase productivity and efficiency. Scott's role at SafTCart is to keep control over inventory and know when it is time to order more, with him keeping a tally of what is taken. This new enlargened area will allow better management and control of all items.

This project, which is expected to be completed soon, first started with the removal of the stretched metal walls and door. Once the area was opened, the framing for the office was erected while all stock items were removed, sorted and cataloged. After the construction crew finished painting and installing a new ceiling and light fixtures, new shelving was then constructed to house inventory. Currently the project is waiting on a couple more shelves to be delivered.

Pictured is Jim Herring breaking a slab of concrete to level the floor space for the new office and storage.

Once completed, this new inventory area will provide adequate room for all stock items with plenty of room for future expansions at SafTCart. An update on the finished area will be provided in the February issue.

Employee Spotlight:

Terriz Thigpen

Terriz has worked for SafTCart for 20 years come this August. Born and raised in Ruleville, MS. a small town just south of Clarksdale, Terriz, now 41, still lives there with his wife and their dog. He has three children and a grandson.

Terriz currently works in the Assembly Department, pulling carts off the paint line and assembling each to whichever specifications the order specifies. Previously, he has worked in the Shipping Department on the ground freight dock, preparing small orders and would also occasionally help on the LTL (large freight truck) dock. Terriz really enjoys his job and, after 20 years, is very efficient at it. His experience has allowed him to take a more leadership-minded role, as well, providing help wherever it is needed.

Terriz loves to travel and go to sports games. When he is not at work, he usually can be found outside, at a football game or traveling. His favorite travel location is Dallas, TX.

We appreciate Terriz for his commitment and all he brings to work every day.

Featured Product:

Flame Pro

The Flame Pro is SafTCart's signature single 20 lb. cylinder transport device. With a frame of one bent tubing and another for the tires, the Flame Pro is compact and light, measuring at 18.5 inches in both width and length and 42 inches tall. The built-in wand holster makes this cart the perfect accessory for any burn job (wands sold separately from distributors).

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