DECEMBER 30th, 2021
Looking Forward to the New Year
As we move in to the new year together, we would like to extend an invitation to observe the changes occurring here at Saf-T-Cart to increase efficiency and productivity. Every year during the winter holiday break we observe an area of the plant that can be improved. This year, it was noted that the manifold department can be greatly improved.
With the manifold department taking over the inventory room a new yet convenient location for inventory was needed. Inventory has been moved to where assembly was located with assembly moving right around the corner to allow more time for products to cool after coming out of the oven.
With the manifold department, assembly and shipping all together at the end of the paint line will greatly decrease the time to get cradles and all products shipped to our customers.
The manifold department was previously housed in a separate building at the far back of the facility which meant cradles would have to be pulled off the paint line then carried to the other side of the plant. Now the manifolding will occur in what was previously the inventory room. This change drastically decreases the down time between transporting one cradle at a time from the front of the plant to the back and back up front where shipping is located.
We look forward to what more the future may bring for both us and our customers.
Brandon Calhoun
Brandon Calhoun joined the Saf-T-Cart family in April of this year. He currently works on the paint line and he has welding experience and one day hopes to be a welder. He is from Cleveland, MS which is only a 30 minute drive south of Clarksdale.
He enjoys his job which he says has taught him a lot of life lessons. He has gained a new sense and understanding of listening, cooperating and communication as well as being on time for work.
He loves his job and he looks forward to what the future may bring.
Understanding Permaclamps
Permaclamps are a sturdy metal clamp with a hand-tight nut that hold cylinders securely to the cart. All Saf-T-Carts with a firewall are available with permaclamps to hold a large {#5} and a medium {#4} acetylene cylinder as well as a large oxygen. If you require a bracket to hold a smaller tank, a -SM is added to the part number. This denotes that the cart gets a smaller clamp to hold the smaller {#4} cylinders. For example, the 552-16FW would become the 552-16FW-SM. Please make customer service aware of the size cylinders you will be using, and we will ensure you get the proper parts.