February 2nd. 2024

SafTCart Sees a Rare Case of Snow while Construction Continues on

New Storage Area

Back in December we started a new building project with the goal to eventually provide protected storage area next to the manifold department to safely store cradles out of the elements. After much planning construction has finally gotten underway. It is expected to be completed by February. This new protected area is part of SafTCart's mission to deliver a superior and excellent product free of rust and other nonconformities.

This project has received a small setback as Mississippi and much of the country was inundated by snow and ice. SafTCart found itself with a rare case of snow which blanketed the area for more than a week, hindering shipping routes but production never halted. As welcoming a change a scenery the snow was, SafTCart welcomes the thaw for the safety of drivers and continued distribution of carts.

Employee Spotlight:

Jim Sudduth

Jim Sudduth has lived in Clarksdale his entire 62 years. He has two children but currently no pets . He has worked at SafTCart for ten years this March.

Jim is SafTCart's jack-of-all-trades maintenance man on the ground. He handles all the electrical, plumbing and special tasks that need performed or fixed.

Jim loves his job because "it gives me something to do ... every day is a new and different challenge and that is where the fun is." He detailed how it is a very interesting job with surprises around every corner and new tasks to learn and accomplish. Jim added, "I always have something good to say about my job but I am still getting older." He explained how he has mellowed out in his older age and presently enjoys sleeping and talking to his friends and coworkers, providing comfort and laughs.

SafTCart is thankful for Jim's ten years of service and his effort in keeping everything running smoothly.

Featured Product:


The MM-10 is the all-in-one welding cart, built to hold a wide variety of large welding machines. Using 10″ polyolefin wheels and swivel casters, this cart maximizes maneuverability while staying flat free. Ships boxed for easy assembly.

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