January 1st. 2024

SafTCart takes off its

Annual Winter Vacation Break

SafTcart shuts down all production for one week twice a year, giving paid time off for all factory workers; once around the 4th of July and the other between Christmas and New Years. During this time all but a handful of employees and most office staff are present. This is one of many ways SafTCart extends a thanks to all the employees for their hard work and dedication throughout the year.

Many things occur during these times from a reorganization and restructuring of areas to whole building projects. Last year we built a clean storage area and the year prior saw the Assembly department, Inventory and the Manifold department all reorganized and outfitted with new technology. These projects are a part of SafTCart's unseen core mission: efficiency attained through minimizing cost and time to deliver a better product to every customer at a better price for all.

Normal plant production will resume January 2nd, 2024. Happy New Year from all of us at SafTCart!

Employee Spotlight:

Will McCluskey

Will McCluskey, seven feet tall and 23 years old, is the newest employee at SafTCart. Born and raised in Water Valley, MS, Will now lives in Cleveland, MS. He is currently in a relationship and has one dog back home. He earned a degree in Fine Arts from Delta State University, also located in Cleveland.

Will applied as a welder but he found a niche with his background in fine arts. He utilizes this knowledge in AutoCAD as one of SafTCart's CAD designers. He has further helped with maintaining inventory by adding new designations and labels to storage shelves. He also assisted with 5S, a safety protocol.

Will really enjoys his job, stating, "this was not what I expected I would be doing" but he is "so very glad to have found this job." He says he "finds finishing tasks to be fulfilling" and he "loves learning all new concepts and procedures."

Will partakes in many hobbies and pastimes, including reading, cooking, and playing video games. He also really enjoys fishing, with the serenity and satisfaction after a good day of fishing. He asserts he makes a good cheesecake.

We welcome Will to the SafTCart team and look forward to the future with him.

Featured Product:

Nitro 40

The Nitro-40 is designed to carry a single 20 pound nitrous oxide cylinder while also serving as a functional stand. The cylinder is secured with a single alligator clamp strap with the cupped base providing bottom support, ensuring the tank stays upright and safe.

Nitro 40
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