JANUARY 28th, 2021
Cleaning and Passivation
This month we would like to spot light our sister company, Carolina Piping Services. Acquired in 2017, CPS has become integral to our manifold line, making our manifolds.
A Medical Microbulk Skid
CPS also fabricates and installs Microbulk Manifolds that are available for LOX/LIN/LAR & CO2 Gas Systems.
Another operation performed at CPS is media blasting (below). This process smoothens any imperfection on the product.
Through an intricate process, CPS oxygen cleans all of their manifold tubing to ensure there are no particulates caught inside which could cause a fatal flaw.
´╗┐With passivation, they extend the lifetime of stainless steel for years. Not only do they provide manifolding to the welding industry but also to the medical industry.
Passivating a Joint
Carolina Piping Services has become an integral member of the Saf-T-Cart family and the wider welding world, manifolding gases for all needs.
Media Blasting Room
LA Joiner
Over the years, LA has become a valuable member of our team. A native to Clarksdale, MS, he was hired in 1996 and has been irreplaceable for all 25 years. He currently works on the pallet line, ensuring all welds meet quality assurance.

LA greatly values the experiences he has gained while at Saf-T-Cart, which includes honing his welding skills and learning how to drive a fork lift, which is essential for his role on the line. He greatly enjoys his job and looks forward to seeing new pallets come off the line, knowing he had a part in building them.

We greatly value everything LA has brought to our family.
Crazy Wheels
Crazy Wheels, also known as the Rota-Caster, or in our system as the 3RC, are a revolutionary wheel that allows pitching without the need of a ball-bearing swivel socket.
The wheel stays stationary, instead utilizing the **beans** to rotate the cart. A large majority of our carts can be ordered with this wheel, just add "-3RC" to the product name (check our website to find all available carts).