July 5th, 2022

SafTCart Closes for the

Annual Summer Vacation

Twice a year, SafTCart closes production in the plant. This allows our team to do maintenance on our equipment and our facilities. In addition, it provides an opportunity for our engineers to implement new hardware and technology to our manufacturing operations. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we will reopen for production July 11th, 2022. However, our office staff and customer service are available to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at 1-800-542-2278.

The areas receiving upgrades are the paint line and the inventory system. The old paint booth was just not serving the company like we needed. It was too small with little lighting and ventilation. The new paint booth will have much better ventilation along with led lights and windows allowing a greater ease of powder coating. Future additions may include a second booth to double production.

Another addition is our electronic inventory system. This new system will allow every part to be entered into inventory so at any one time we have an exact knowledge of what is on the floor. This addition will greatly benefit production and efficiency while cutting costs by means of reducing waste and mismanagement. We are excited to see what other benefits this new system may bring.

Employee Spotlight:

Peyton Lott

Payton Lott is our residential engineering intern this summer from the University of Mississippi. He is a Clarksdale native and a Lee Academy graduate who is earning a mechanical engineering degree at Ole Miss. Peyton is working closely with all our engineers to help organize and increase efficiency of our production lines and inventory system. He is enjoying the whole experience and the ability to put to practice what he has learned in class. We have greatly appreciated Peyton Lott for all he has contributed and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for him.

The 552-16FW

The 552-16FW is our standard oxy-acetylene firewall cart. The standard version is made for 200-300 cf oxygen and a large #5 acetylene. Additional models are available for the smaller #4 acetylene and even large 100 lbs. propane cylinders (-P).

The 552-16FW comes with a firewall  that it is 60" tall and rated with a 30 minute burn time which adheres to current OSHA standards. At 65" tall and 34" wide, with a lockable tool box, a lifting eye rated at 1,000 lbs. and 16" pneumatic tires, the 552-16FW is ready for any welding task.