July 6th, 2023

SafTCart gets a Wellness Check

with Major Office Renovations

In an effort to modernize the aesthetics and interface of the office, SafTCart has undertaken more renovations. After joining the front and back offices through a corridor which also contains the new conference room, the office space has received a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling, plus new windows and flooring. This not only stabilizes the temperature in the offices but also provides a more pleasing aesthetic to both employees and visitors.

Furthermore, the office break area which was located at the front of the office has been relocated to the back in the converted office that now serves as a pass-through to the back offices. This not only cleans up the front area and allows better use of the area but also provides a dedicated break area for office employees to step away for a minute. Located where the break area formerly was is now a set of televisions that display all work orders being built or in assembly, providing quick access to all operations on the factory floor.

Stay tuned to find out what else SafTCart will undertake to improve safety, comfort, productivity and efficiency.

Employee Spotlight:

Harvey Sturdivant

Harvey Sturdivant, at 74 years old, has worked at SafTCart for 14 years. From Tilatoba, MS, Harvey lives with his wife of 25 years and their great pyrenees and yorkie-shiatsu. They have four children and six grandchildren. Their son, Jared, is the cage line manager. Harvey has known Jimmy Walker, Sr. since the 1960s. He says he enjoys working with Mr. Walker and visiting him and Mrs. Walker.

Harvey fulfills multiple roles at SafTCart. He is a Certified Welding Inspector through the American Welding Society. He also oversees large projects such as pods and cryogenic and gas plumbing for plant use. Harvey shares that he "enjoys what I do and I like to help others improve their welding."

In his free time, Harvey's main hobby is amateur radio building. He builds radios and antennas which allow him to communicate with people around the world. We appreciate Harvey and his many years of service at SafTCart.

Featured Product:

Truck Beds

Did you know SafTcart builds truck beds of all dimensions? Truck beds are custom ordered to the customer's specifications and to fit whatever style of pallets is requested. Call today to order your own truck bed!

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