June 2nd, 2023

SafTCart makes an Appearance at the GAWDA Spring Management Conference

May 6th to 8th, 2023 was the annual

GAWDA Spring Management Conference in Philadelphia, PA. This event marks the start of the GAWDA regional circuit held nationwide throughout the year. As with other shows and conferences, this event is a great occasion for networking with friends and customers old and new.

* Hannah Gray interviews SafTCart COO Jim Herring

Credits to GAWDA Media for sharing

While there, Hannah Gray, the Marketing and Sales Manager for GAWDA Media, interviewed SafTCart COO Jim Herring*. They discussed the happenings at SafTCart and Carolina Piping and our new cart, the 750-20-LIFT, appropriately nicknamed the Lift Cart . Also on display was one of our firewall carts, the 600-10FW. Find us next at the Seven Springs GAWDA Regional and have your own chance at an interview with Jim.

Employee Spotlight:

Victor Jackson

Victor Jackson, 58, has lived in Clarksdale just about his entire life except when he was deployed to Germany and England for two years each. He joined the Air Force at a young age and served for 28 years. In his free time, Vic likes to hunt and fish and loves to ride his motorcycle.

Vic has worked at SafTCart since June of 2012. He currently works in the manifold department where he manages the manifold clean room and creates a workflow using his organizational skills to keep the team ahead of orders. Additionally, he fabricates and tests every manifold before it leaves the clean room and double checks their installation in cradles. Vic is proud of the fact that SafTCart "tests every manifold before it leaves."

Vic is "crazy" about his job. He says "I believe I am good at time management," a skill which helps him in his everyday tasks. He says "my favorite part of this job is watching a large order be shipped out, ... there is nothing better than seeing the job completed." We appreciate the hard work and smiles Vic brings every day. Thank you for your service.

Featured Product:


Check out our demonstration of

the Lift Cart in action

Our newest cart, the 750-20-LIFT, appropriately dubbed the Lift Cart, has been specially designed to fill that special niche that has been long requested, a way to safely move tanks on and off a dock or raised platform. It carries three ox-acetylene or one 100 pound propane cylinder. Its special purpose reduces strain on workers while enhancing productivity and efficiency.

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