June 3rd, 2021

Ole Miss Students Bring

Innovation to SafTCart

From May 9th to the 11th, University of Mississippi Engineering students visited SafTCart with one goal in mind: increasing efficiency in the factory setting. They were here as part of their manufacturing  engineering class, partaking in their end of semester project. 

Their main focus of attention was in the shipping and assembly departments; however, they did examine other areas.

In shipping they moved the scale and pallet wrapper from the side wall to the middle of the area to be closer to where the carts are palletized.

Since their departure, we have been digging a trench in order to simply slide the palletized carts onto the machines, eliminating the constant use of forklifts and wasted time.

Furthermore, in assembly they streamlined the process in which carts come off the paint line and are fitted with their appropriate pieces and labels

Their efforts have already been well received and praised for how much smoother the flow of carts from the paint line to the shipping trucks is.

We appreciate and thank the University of Mississippi Engineering Students for their effort.

Employee Spotlight:

Patrick Weatherspoon

Patrick Weatherspoon started working for SafTCart for two years this June. At 45 years old, he has lived in the Clarksdale, MS. area his whole life. Patrick lives with his wife, Debbie, and has three sons and one daughter.

Patrick currently works in the Assembly Department fitting axels and wheels on products as they come off the paint line, ensuring each cart gets its proper outfitting. 

Patrick enjoys his job and views every day as a new learning experience. He describes how his job is fluid and has him learning new things each day. He loves the community at SafTCart, stating, "we aren't perfect, everyone has their ups and downs, but it really is a great place."


The Portable MIG Welder Cart

The MM-10 is the big brother to the MM-8, coming in at a slightly larger size. The MM-8's 34.5 by 18.5 inch deck and MM-10's 20 by 44 inch size ensures there is a running gear to fit every mig welding unit.

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The MM-8 is our flagship running gear. It is one of our best selling carts. Its ease of use from shipping in a box to simple assemble to its perfect size to fit a mig welder and cylinder makes it the perfect mobile every-use cart.

That's one fine running gear, boi!

The Show Goes On

Jimmy Walker, Jr. pictured with

Wigberto de la Cruz of Fuera Industrial

May 24th to the 27th SafTCart was at the annual IDWC Show in Minneapolis, MN. Present was Jimmy Walker, Jr., Jim and Melinda Herring, Charlie Walker and I.T. Andy Ellis. 

There they met with many customers and potential customers, having pamphlets for the new TUGGER-compatible line of carts.

This also was Andy Ellis's first business show after having a cardboard cut out of him displayed at shows in the past. He details how "it was such a joy to finally meet all the amazing people I speak with on the phone every day [...] it is always a pleasure to put a face to the name." 

Be sure to catch SafTCart at the next show!