March 10th, 2023

The Recently Expanded Truck Shop Allows SafTCart to Build Multiple Truck Beds at Once

The expanded truck shop built two years ago shows off its capabilities in full. The 18,000 square foot shop floor allows multiple truck beds and trailers to be built simultaneously. In addition to the work area, the truck shop building also houses the truck bed paint booth as well as all the benders and laser table and plasma table.

This area was a vital expansion to SafTCart as we continue to grow. The larger work area allows a faster turnaround of orders while also freeing up space in the main factory floor for other production means. The mentioned parts rooms provided the needed extra space for the laser and plasma tables for parts cutting and storage as well as a likewise ability for the benders. The truck bed paint booth means there is a dedicated painting area equipped with proper lightning and ventilation, ensuring all truck beds and trailers are properly fabricated and finished.

Tune in next month as the tour of SafTCart continues.

Employee Spotlight:

Tishana Willcutt

Tishana Willcutt was born and raised in Clarksdale, MS and has lived here her entire life. She has two daughters and two dogs. She has worked at SafTCart for over nine years in multiple positions.

Tishana is Accounts Payable. She is in charge of billing out as well as handling payroll. She also handles some purchasing and receiving when needed. She really enjoys her job "even though it can get overwhelming at times." She loves the office atmosphere and how close everyone is.

In her free time, Tishana likes to be with her daughters and dogs. She also likes to watch tv and has recently enjoyed Manifest.

We greatly appreciate Tishana and her hard work and dedication every day

Featured Product:


The 552-16H is identical to our 552-16 but it has an additional hood providing extra precaution to falling objects making it perfect for construction and industrial sites. The added lifting eye makes transportation by crane simple and effective.

It can also be ordered with a firewall: the 552-16FW-H

Height: 67″

Width: 25″

Weight: 115 lbs.

Wheels: SC-11B

Floor plate: 13”x 24”

Cylinder Capacity: 9.5”, 12.5”

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