March 1st. 2024

SafTCart gets a Facelift while Construction Finishes

SafTCart has received a small facelift in the addition of a new sign affixed above the front door. Designed, cut, painted, and installed all in-house, the addition of the sign brings new light and synergy to the building and surrounding area.

Meanwhile, out back on SafTcart's grounds, construction on the new storage areas have been finished once the snow and ice melted. These 2 new areas, located behind Shipping and Manifold/Cradles Departments, provide extra protection for products from rain and rust damages. Another smaller building houses straps and other shipping goods, allowing easier access and storage than the previous method.

Employee Spotlight:

Grady Fluker

In his free time Grady enjoys yard work, especially cutting grass. What really brings him pleasure, though, is deer hunting. Grady recounts one of his favorite hunts, "I was stalking this large 8-point buck and I had stayed in that area for days waiting for the right opportunity. Luck would have it that a doe caught that buck's attention and brought him over to me." That deer, pictured right, was around 250 lbs.

The SafTCart family appreciates Grady for his ten years of hard work and stories of adventures and hunts he always has to tell.

Grady Fluker, at 66 years old, has lived in the Clarksdale, MS, area his entire life. He is married to his wife of 20 years and they have one daughter.

Come April will be Grady's 10 years at SafTCart. He mainly works in Assembly Department. There he is tasked with inspecting carts and other products for miswelds and paint touch ups, installing tires, affixing stickers, and boxing up box carts. He also described himself as a "floater" employee, stating he works wherever he is put for the day. Grady details how he enjoys his job, that it gives him structure and friends.

Featured Product:


The STP-16-FR is just like our pallet jack bottomed pallet but it comes with an additional built-in folding ramp to make loading and unloading each pallet much easier. No more need to struggle getting a cylinder up the lip of a pallet or the need for a separate ramp to assist. The four inch forklift pockets allow easier movement and the ramp can be locked . The STP-16-FR is your next all-in-one pallet fulfilling dream.

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