October 31st, 2022

SafTCart attends the GAWDA Annual Convention in San Diego

Afternoons were reserved for attendees to explore the town and have dinner with friends. The final day of the show concluded with dinner and live music on the deck of the Aircraft Carrier USS Midway in San Diego Harbor.

The GAWDA Annual Convention, in San Diego, CA, is the largest GAWDA event of the year and employs a different format than the GAWDA regional meetings. Here distributors have booths to show off their products and services. SafTCart had on display an LCT-12-6-HALO, a 751-20-3RC and a DP-16-PJ.

The annual show is a great opportunity to meet with customers old and new as well as learn new skills and techniques during the morning meetings.

Employee Spotlight:

Heart Attack

Lamarcus Powell, also known as Heart Attack around here, has lived in Clarksdale his whole 40 years of life. He and his wife of eighteen years have four children together and two dogs. He has worked at SafTCart since 2014 and currently works on the cage line.

Larmarcus is a great cage builder with clean welds. He really enjoys his work, saying, "being here does not feel like work" and he "likes coming in every day." He loves the work environment and has fun with all his coworkers, stating how "break and lunch are great times to relax with coworkers."  He loves SafTCart and likes how it is "nice and clean and well organized."

We appreciate Lamarcus and his excellent work and great attitude every day.

Featured Product:


Intended for hospitals, labs and fill plants, the EZ Load-4L-P is the ultimate cart for any location where handling and maneuverability are paramount. It’s aluminum core wheels and swivel casters move easily and soundlessly over good terrain. Loading large liquid cylinders is simple due to the cart’s low, front-loading platform. The added drop down plate is used as a base which lends versatility to this signature cart by allowing the user to move high pressure cylinders .  

Call today for more information on the EZ Load-4L-P.

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