October 31st, 2023

SafTCart Provides a Health Checkup

for All Employees

Fall and Halloween are always a fun time here at SafTCart. Halloween and the Fall Equinox signal the end of the hot summer days and the start of cooler weather. Even though colder days means cooler work environments. It also signals the start of flu season and general weakened immune systems.

As a general health check, SafTCart had Blue Cross Blue Shield come out with their van, free of charge, to ensure the best health for all employees. Just a few weeks ago SafTCart also provided free flu shots for all employees who wanted them.

The health and safety of our employees is a top priority. Better health not only ensures higher productivity but also a better work environment and livelihood of everyone, both in and out of work.

Employee Spotlight:

Queston Skipper

Queston Skipper was born and raised in Clarksdale, MS. He is 45, single, with one child who is 21 years old, and two dogs. He went to the local high school where he played football. When not at work he enjoys fishing and cooking (sometimes cooking what he caught) and traveling to new places.

Queston started only back in May of this year but his great attitude quickly found him a spot in the SafTCart family. He works in shipping alongside Carl Pam and Bill Dan where he is tasked with understanding pick tickets to pull orders and prepare them for shipping.

We appreciate all the hard work, dedication and joy Queston brings to work every day.

Featured Product:

CRYO 8860

The CRYO 8860 is the versatile everyday mobility unit for the standard 180 liter liquid dewar cylinders. Its six quiet swivel casters allow for smooth mobility over most terrains while its low profile provides easy maneuverability. The quarter inch gauge metal ensures it will not falter under the weight of the liquid dewars. Call today to order yours.

CRYO 8860
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