October 4th, 2023

Remembering Debbie Meredith

Debbie Meredith passed away from cancer related illnesses on Sunday, September 18th, 2023, at 72 years old. She served as our Accounts Receivable Manager for 13 years. She took care of all new hires and since she worked the front desk she handled all late arrivals.

Jim Herring stated that "at 5 foot 4 she commanded the respect of all employees in the back" since she was the first thing they would see.

Debbie lived around the corner from Ruby Cavallo, who added, "every morning when I leave for work I still look over there to check on her and see if she had left yet." Ruby explained how just a few weeks ago she had come down with food poisoning and Debbie always made a point to call her every day to check in on her even when she was facing her own battles; "no matter how bad Debbie felt, she always had a smile on her face."

IT Andy Ellis said "I miss my buddy ... there were a lot of days, especially during the pandemic, where we would just sit together and talk. She wasn't just the lady who took money, she was my friend."

Tishana Wilcox called Debbie "a bulldog, she never backed down from any body." To further what Jim said, she added, "Debbie warranted the respect of all employees in the back, they all knew she would not put up with their excuses."

Debbie had this unique sense about her, never putting up with anyone's nonsense while also maintaining her own style of humor and demeanor. She always had a way to make you smile no matter how bad that day was. She will be missed both in the office and as our friend.

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