September 1st, 2023

Find Our New Novelty at FabTech

This year for FabTech in Chicago, IL. Jimmy Walker, Sr. has created a motorcycle that was fabricated from SafTCart's own products; A 1324 IIE and a 935-8S. Constructed by Tim Gore and JC Keenum, two employees who build motorcycles together as a side business, this motorcycle was built like any other product of theirs except it lacks a functioning motor.

Come by our booth between September 11th to 14th to get a picture with this one of a kind bike.

Employee Spotlight:

Scott Carraway

Scott Carraway, 62, has lived in Clarksdale his entire life. He has known Jimmy Walker, Sr. since he was 7 years old when he would visit Big Jimmy's welding supply store, Walker Welders, with his father. Scott has been married for twelve years to his wife, Dawn, and he has one son and three dogs, all three of which were rescues.

Scott has worked at SafTCart since April of 2014. He is currently in Purchasing Operations. His complement is Curt Orr, from the May publication, in Inventory Management, where he stores higher valued items and relays to Scott when he is in need of a restock. Scott details that his purpose is to "supply materials to departments to enable SafTCart to supply their customers with the highest quality products."

Scott says he quite enjoys working at SafTCart as he "tries to make each day something fun to accomplish" because "if I can't have fun at work then why bother showing up." He also likes to "mess with other employees to brighten their day."

Scott's favorite hobby is hunting and fishing, detailing how he used to go either hunting or fishing just about every weekend possible for most his life. It has only been in the past couple of years he has had to stop due to some health issues but he "hopes to return to a better state of health soon" so he may enjoy his favorite pastime yet again.

SafTCart is glad to have Scott on the team with his humor brightening everyone's day.

Featured Product:


Did you know most of out larger carts accept our steel wheels? With a 20 inch diameter and 200 pound load limit, these tires are perfect for construction sites and anywhere with uneven grounds such as gravel. Most large carts can even be retrofitted with these wheels. Call today to order your own.

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