September 2nd, 2022

Improvements at SafTCart Lead to

Higher Quality and Service

We have digitized the inventory and production system to better keep track of operations. The truck shop has been relocated to a brand new building at the back of the grounds, adding eight times more room in which to fabricate our truck beds and trailers. The addition of more laser tables has increased our capacity to cut parts to such an extent we do all parts cutting in house now. The pallet line has been rebuilt in a more open u-shaped area to ease communication and transportation. With these other changes we were able to reallocate more space to storage, allowing a new, more efficient system that gives a specific place for every part.

These past several months here at SafTCart have seen a great effort in restructuring operations. Two years prior the whole facility looked drastically different. These have all been efforts to better facilitate production and increase quality. 

More recently the manifold department was moved from the back of the facility to behind shipping, right next to the paint line. This allows less down time transporting cradles from the front to the back only to be returned to the front for shipping. The paint booth has received an upgrade in lighting and ventilation, allowing product painting to be more consistent while also faster. The assembly department has also been affected. They have had all machines relevant to them, including axel cutting and drilling, moved to their area. In addition, every assembly employee has been assigned an inspector number so our customers know every product is assured the SafTCart quality. Finally, shipping has seen some love as well. The scales and packaging machines have been lowered into the ground to allow a pallet lift to roll pallets on, negating the need for a forklift. 

Stay tuned for what other changes will come to SafTCart as we strive to provide an even better service.

Employee Spotlight:

Frank Horn

Frank Horn is from and still lives in Rosedale, MS, a 40 minute drive from SafTCart. At 57, he lives there with his wife, Parnell and their German Shepherd, Max and he has four grown daughters.

Frank started working at SafTCart just over eight years ago. Initially, he was on the pallet line but was quickly switched to the cart line where he has been ever since. 

Frank has previously worked in a ship yard. He detailed how all the climbing and crawling did not make for an enjoyable work experience and he could only work for so long at a time. He compared that experience to working at SafTCart where he still gets to do what he loves, welding, but gets to work at his pace and without contorting his body to get the job done. 

We value and thank Frank for his time and for being a great member of the SafTCart family.

The FLC-20-3RC

The Propane Cart for Every Situation

The FLC-20-3RC is our 20 lb. propane tank cart. The "Crazy Wheels" (-3RC) allows for omnidirectional ease of movement. At 25.75" x 21" x 50.5", this cart is built to perfectly hold 6 propane tanks securely. There is also a 33 lb. tank version of this cart, FLC-33-3RC. 

Call us today to order your next propane cart.

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