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Today is
Election Day!
The general election is today, Tuesday, November 3, 2020 and we have been waiting for four years to change the direction of our country. Here's what you need to know to cast your ballot and make sure it's counted. Help us make Brooklyn the bluest county in the nation!
Know Your
Voting is a right protected by the Constitution. Know your rights and know we are here to help.
Find Your Poll Site
Voter ID
Voter ID Requirements

If you've voted in New York before, registered in person, or provided ID at the time of registration, you don't need to show ID to vote in person. If you're voting in New York for the first time, registered to vote by mail, and didn't provide ID when you registered, be sure to bring a copy of your photo ID, or a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or government document that shows your name and address when you vote at the polls.
Who is on Your Ballot?
State Senate
State Assembly
State Supreme Court
Civil/ Municipal Courts
Join the DNC
Join the DNC
For more information on how to get involved, reach out to your local Brooklyn Democratic Party District Leader.
Brooklyn Democratic Party 
We represent Democrats from every corner of this borough, all part of the largest county party in the country. We are an inclusive and diverse organization with leaders and activists from every neighborhood of Brooklyn.