Measure Twice, Cut Once
It isn’t just an old adage about woodworking...

At Tioga Pipe, Inc. we maintain special quality certifications to distribute critical materials to very specific markets. It goes without saying that these certifications require highly specialized knowledge, product testing, and rigorous quality checks throughout each order’s fulfillment process to ensure that it’s right every time.
That’s The Tioga Difference™ our fulfillment centers are equipped to supply both critical and non-critical materials when you need them the most.
Today, July 14, measuring twice has extra meaning. It’s National Tape Measure Day.

National Tape Measure Day… really? This is just one of many weird, possibly shameless promotional "holidates" that people make up. Depending on your point of view, "holidates" are either a waste of time or a celebration of ordinary things, but in the end who cares because sometimes they are just plain old fun!
Alvin J. Fellows of New Haven, Connecticut made the lives of carpenters, electricians, seamstresses and countless other tradesmen and craftsmen easier when his patent for “Improvements in Tape Measures” was granted. His patent was dated July 14, 1868. Enter the generation of retractable tape measures.  

The first recorded use of the tape measure goes back to the Romans, utilizing marked strips of leather. Before Fellows’ patent, Englishman James Chesterman designed a steel measuring tape, but it was expensive for its time. At $17 in 1853, it was equivalent to $300 in today’s U.S. dollars and too big to fit in a pocket or toolbox.