April 2, 2018
World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day helps to encourage acceptance for children, teens and adults living with autism, and improve human rights for our community throughout the world.

Today, we light it up BLUE, to create awareness and impact!
How can you get involved?

Join us at our events and fundraisers, and tell your friends!

We always need smiling faces and helpful hands at events all year!

Help us add more programs, and maintain our current offerings for those with autism and other special needs by donating.

..and most importantly, BE KIND .
April Fundraisers!
Cash Prize Raffle
Spring Gala
Chick-fil-A & Car Wash
Autism Cares Foundation is proud to offer life-enriching social and educational opportunities to those living with autism and other special needs.

We thank the ACF Community for their continued support and gratitude.

We enjoy providing this need to you all and hope the future brings growth and positive change!

Autism Cares Foundation
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