Support us on Colorado Gives Day
Today is one of the most exciting days of the year for nonprofits. Today is Colorado Gives Day, a 24-hour period dedicated to supporting hundreds of statewide nonprofits. You hold the key: With your financial support, we can continue our work to keep the door to the past open by preserving, restoring, protecting, and interpreting the architectural and cultural heritage of the Fort Collins area.

Last year, Colorado Gives Day raised over $28 million for Colorado nonprofit organizations. This year's $1 million incentive fund will proportionally boost the value of every donation to Poudre Landmarks Foundation, adding more impact to your gift.

Please make your donation to Poudre Landmarks Foundation today! Visit to make your donation.
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Your financial support means so much. Thank you!

Jennifer Beccard, PLF Executive Director
Jennifer Beccard

Jennifer Beccard
Executive Director
Poudre Landmarks Foundation
Poudre Landmarks Foundation
108 N Meldrum St
Fort Collins, CO 80521

This email was sent on December 6, 2016