Today's 9-9-9 Portal Gateway

Can you feel the INTENSE energies of love and peace entering our reality?
It feels BLISSFUL for those of us who are fully anchored into the higher realms.

Today's FINAL 9-9-9 Portal Gateway is the completion of the 3rd Dimension.

This is HUGE....

....planet earth will NEVER be the same again after this portal gateway month.

Hasta La Vista Baby!

That means all vibrations that allow for separation will no longer be perpetuated or tolerated.
Cause and effect will become much more obvious, even to those who have been completely unconscious about it.  Negative or shadow thoughts, feelings, behaviors and activities will no longer be tolerated, period.

Sadly, most people have absolutely NO IDEA this is going instead, they are feeling the intense pain, anxiety, frustration, worry, doubt, scarcity, lack, upset (in varying degrees) based on lifetimes of suppression, repression and unconsciousness.

This is naturally becoming more and more unbearable to them and will continue to amplify until they choose love, peace, kindness and happiness through the process of becoming more conscious.

If you aren't feeling absolutely in love  with everyone and everything ~ at least most of the time ~ You likely have some deep inner work to clear out the density and dross.

Today's 9-9-9 Portal Gateway is further intensifying the already intense energies....

If you can, take as much time as possible to sit still, breathe, reflect, meditate, align with love and peace, you will do just fine through this final eye of the needle portal gateway...which will continue throughout all of September...

If not, hold onto your seat. It's likely going to be a bumpy ride.

The choice to love, have compassion and kindness, forgive and love again is always the answer.

Learn all about this, plus get the live energy healing and DNA Activations YOU NEED to up-level and shift  into the 5th Dimension, 6th Dimension, 7th Dimension and beyond.

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Next Ascension, Manifestation & Healing Circle
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Thursday, September 29th, 2016
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These Ascension, manifestation and transformational energy healing circles are designed in three parts:
  • First, we discuss and review the latest updates regarding The Ascension Timeline and The Indigo Races, including Lightservers, Wayshowers, Starseeds, Change Agents, Wanderers and all other Servers of The Light.
  • Second, we review your questions and requests for coaching, healing and intuitive support in a safe and enjoyable, 'no holds barred', 'everything on the table' environment.
  • Third, we have a full hour of powerful and potent meditation and transformational healing energy, based on your requests.  We heal and resolve the issues associated with our bodies, our lives, our relationships, our anscestry, our lineage and indeed, the world.  We complete the call with the DNA Activations to up-level your dormant potential.
No topic area, request, concern or issue is too 'far out' there or off limits for us in these Ascension, Manifestation & Healing Circles for Lightworkers, Way showers, Starseeds, Indigos, Guardians, Change Agents, Wanderers, Time Travelers, Healers, Intuitives,  Empaths, Animal Communicators, Astrologers, Numerologists & Bringers of the New Earth.

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How to Protect & Clear Yourself and Your Animals  
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  • reclaim your sovereignty and true freedom
  • come into alignment with Divine Source of Love, Peace & Joy
Best of all, we'll learn how to do this in safe, non threatening fun, easy and effective we can all truly free and liberate ourselves to align with love, joy, peace, happiness, health, well being and freedom as well as all of the greatest gifts of Divine Source that are truly our divine birthright...

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Align yourself with the highest vibrations of love and Source Consciousness by literally cleansing away the dark energies, entities, vampires, parasites and shadow aspects of the 3rd Dimensional and 4th Dimensional Realms.

E xpand your consciousness, elevate your vibration and increase your energy

Learn to easily and gracefully shift between dimensions without feeling or experiencing any pain or suffering, and simultaneously, being able to assist others around us to find the light and align with the life of love, peace, harmony and joy for all.


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Lori Spagna radically transformed her life after a series of near death experiences while living in Maui.  She is a best selling author of the Best Selling book, 'How Psychic Are You? 7 Simple Steps to Unlocking Your Psychic Potential' as well as 'Animals in the Afterlife' and 'Learn Animal Communication', as well as the author of the upcoming book, '2 Years in Maui'.  Lori has over 20 years of experience serving humans and animals around the world and is an internationally recognized speaker, author and teacher who provides seminars and workshops for spiritually minded animal lovers about how we can improve our lives by learning from animals.  As a Visionary, Lightworker, Intuitive and Healer, Lori also leads powerful manifestation and healing circles where she assists people and their pets to improve their lives by tapping into their true power via The Universal Source which exists within and connects us all.  Lori also provides Sacred Energy Activations and Dormant DNA Upgrades for people and animals. For more information, please visit: