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Rooted in History

Brick captures a connection with history through endless shapes, patterns and shadow effects

The Galveston Water and Electric Light Station, originally built in the 1800s, is transformed into a community meeting facility while keeping with the historical value of the building. Click here for the full article.

Brick structures unlock endless textures

and architectural variety at Texas A&M

The brick structures at Texas A&M reflect historic traditions by using a less textured blade cut brick...creating endless variations, patterns, and shadow effects. All of the intricate patterns and treatments were created by manipulating ONE simple modular brick! Download the case study here.

Remember 9/11 

the pain, the people and the hope

After the tragedy, remember to show respect, support and acts of kindness to each other; especially those families who lost loved ones. 

Remember the Sky is a social media campaign that

honors the strength and resilience of NYC.

To learn more, click here.

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