Instead, let us test and examine our ways; let us turn again in repentance to the Lord.

Lamentations 3:40, NLT

As a young child, I enjoyed hearing nursery rhymes. And when I became a mother, when my children were asleep and I needed to awaken them from their slumber to begin their morning routine, sometimes I'd sing them one of my favorite nursery rhymes:

Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, brother John. Brother John. Morning bells are waking. Morning bells are ringing. Ding, Ding, dong. Ding, Ding Dong.

Jeremiah tried to awaken the city of Jerusalem for many years from their slumber to let them know destruction was forthcoming if they did not repent of their sins. Yet no matter how many times he sang his song, the people did not listen. Eventually his prophecy came true and the city of Jerusalem was destroyed and its people tortured, killed, and taken captive by the Babylonian army.

Our nation is filled with the sins of injustice, poverty, war, disease and rebellion. Despite our sinfulness, God still loves us and never wants to see his children punished. So each time we are given a new day, there are morning bells to repent ringing loudly in our collective ears from the heavenly father. Are we listening? Will we wake up, confess our sins, and return to God so he can heal our land? Or will we keep on sleeping?

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