The ISIS Terror Threat
in America

Attention Members: 

Homeland Security Committee compiled an ISIS Terror Threat Snapshot in America for the month of July 2016.
At the 2016 RLPSA Annual Conference, from Charles "Buck" Hamilton, Protective Security Advisor (PSA) with the Department of Homeland Security, described restaurants as having the characteristics of soft targets. 

Active Shooter Resources!
Following the shooting incidents in San Bernardino, Orlando, Dallas and overseas, restaurant and security teams recognized the need to continue to perfect their crisis plan. Below is an active shooter video created by the LA County Sheriff's Department.

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Crisis Plan? It's Easy If You Do It Smart!

Customers and employees of restaurants and fast food establishments trust that they will be safe in the public workplace. But bad things can happen. Knowing how to respond to the unthinkable situation - an active shooter in a public place of business - can limit revenue loss, minimize property damage, and, above all, protect employees and customers. 

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