A Full Moon Supportive of Awakening and Evolution
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October 2016
Dear Friends, we hope you are well and enjoying Autumn.  For us, we moved directly from Summer into Winter complete with snow covered mountains, which should make for a great ski season!  We do not personally ski, but that is good for the local economy of our new city!

This month's newsletter is all about Saturday's Full Moon bringing awareness the themes associated with the signs of Libra and Aries and their rules, Venus and Mars.  It's all about relationships and the important role you play in finding harmony in your relationships.  In this article, we propose how and why Full Moons are important to the Mythic Journey of Your Soul when you work with their energy!   Awareness is key! 
Sappho and I just realized that it has been 15 years since the vision for The Traveler's Well Astrology was established as marked by the day I resigned from American Express to become an astrologer full time!  A special thanks to all who have shared this journey with us over the years! 

Blessings and peace,

Wolfram and Sappho
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With each Full Moon, we find the Sun fully illuminating the Moon and this illumination from the Sun is what makes the Moon "Full". Illumination means light and it is this light that brings awareness during a Full Moon so that we are able to an aspect of our life more clearly.

As the Sun continually travels the zodiac, each successive Full Moon brings awareness to a different aspect of life, based on the sign of the Sun and Moon. The awareness that comes from this cycle supports the unfolding of your Mythic Journey!

Dharma is the path one takes in life to embrace their highest potential. For me, exploring the Mythic Journey of the Soul, which is a core theme of The Traveler's Well Astrology, is at the heart of my personal dharma and is explored in each and every reading I give. This phrase is focused on three key words: soul, journey and mythic.

Soul is you!

The Journey is the unfolding path  
on which your soul is traveling.

The Myth is the unique set of themes or  
"story" of your soul's journey,
based on the themes in your birth chart.
Each Full Moon provides awareness that provides an opportunity to advance your soul's mythic journey! This month, the light of awareness is cast upon relationships and, just like the scales of Libra, the balance and harmony that exists between YOU and the OTHER, between Venus and Mars.

Full Moon - Libra & Aries - Venus & Mars

With the October 15, 2016 Full Moon, we find the Sun illuminating the Moon, just as it does every month. Once each year, the Libran Sun (Venus) illuminates the Aries Moon (Mars). Additionally, this Full Moon includes a powerful planet of awakening, liberation and change (Uranus) conjuncting the Moon are opposing the Sun.

Let's start by looking at the Sun and the Moon.

Awareness - Libra Sun & Aries Moon

The Sun in the sign of Libra embodies the themes of love, joy, relationships, harmony and balance. All things related to lovely Venus. Libra seeks supportive, harmonious relationships of all types: casual and closest friendships, mentors, coworkers, intimate partners, family, clients, teachers, etc.

The motto of the Traveler's Well Astrology is 'Move in harmony with the Sun, Moon and Stars' and the words 'move in harmony' have a core connection to Libra's goal of harmony.

To move in harmony with the Sun, Moon and stars means progressively embracing the core themes on the Mythic Journey of Your Soul. One can only move in harmony once one has embraced their individual journey. This is an evolution that occurs over the course of your lifetime. In this way, each and every Full Moon supports your soul's unfolding journey.

With the Sun projecting light and illuminating the Moon from the sign of Libra, we will explore the topic of relationships within the context of the Mythic Journey of the Soul and relationships are an essential part of your journey.

The sign of Libra is represented by the scales of justice. When we see these scales represented, they are most often represented in an 'out of balance' state. Why?
Balance is the goal of Libra,  
but in the process of achieving balance,  
you must experience periods of imbalance.

The process of unfolding the sign of Libra implies the evolution from imbalance to harmony in relationships. The scales of Libra are seeking to find balance between you and others. The key to finding balance is understanding this image of the scales contains two scales: the ME scale and the OTHER scale.


In this Full Moon, the Sun is illuminating the Moon in the sign of Aires and Aries, via Mars, has a very different agenda from that of Libra. The sign of Aries, is all about "Me"-centered energy and actions. There are not TWO scales, there are no scales at all as Mars does not require balance.  It is all about ME energy. While we tend to think about Aries energy as being selfish or combative, since the Full Moon is the context, let's think about Aries in terms of its' relationship to Libra and how we bring balance to the Libran scales.

So, how do the energies of Aries and Libra play together so they can both be happy? Let's begin by exploring how Libra and Aries can first become aware of each other's needs.

I find that there are two archetypes that are often experienced on your unfolding journey before Libra finds balance related to the ME scale and the Other scale:
  • Other-Focused: This occurs when the Libran scale is consistently weighted toward OTHER and you give away your real needs and feel secretly unhappy in relationships.
  • Me-Focused: This occurs when the Libran scale is consistently weighted toward ME and you express anger openly and are unhappy because you can't find a loving relationship.

For those whose Libran scale are constantly tilted toward the other and abdicating your needs in order to make the other person happy, consider reaching for the weight labeled 'Mars' and add it to the ME side of the scale.

If you never have time, money or energy for yourself because you spend all of your time, money and energy on others, it is time to make sure that in each and every relationship your needs are also brought forward!

At first, this will feel selfish and you might feel guilty.  But, with time, the most meaningful relationships are those that are balanced between the ME and the OTHER scales. Until this balance is found, relationships may feel frustrating and certainly not fulfilling. This might also lead to feelings of victimization or being taken advantage of or misunderstood.

Ultimately, we then begin to lack confidence in ourselves and lose our ability to project any Mars energy outward at all in our relationships. Mars would ask 'who is the one who can change that situation?' and, naturally, the answer is YOU!

Allow your needs to matter!


For those whose Libran scales are weighted too much toward the ME side  where others are not given the respect they deserve or not given the space to contribute in relationships, consider how you can allow more weight to be given to the other. This lack of balance in relationships leads to feeling consistently let down by other people, feeling that others violate your needs or that others are not fulfilling your expectations for them.

When this happens, anger is often projected at the other and in relationships overall. Aries says, "Think of yourself first" and what this relationship can give you. When this happens, all relationships feel sour and unfulfilling and we begin to lack faith and lose trust in others.  We might feel angry at the world.

If you find yourself saying 'life will be perfect when someone else...', you might be projecting your needs too strongly in the relationship. In this case, consider reaching for the weight labeled 'Venus' and adding it to the scale of the OTHER. Enter relationships by asking 'what can we experience together' rather than what can you do for me.

Allow others to play a role!

Scales of Libra
We are content in our relationships when we find the courage (think Aries) to share our needs in a way that results in greater balance and harmony (think Libra). The process is to work to share your needs in a harmonious way that is neither frustrated nor angry.

Returning to the Mythic Journey of the Soul, the path to achieving "win - win" relationships (balancing the scales) is a journey. Like any journey, the journey to harmonious relationships will evolve over time and result in more joyful relationships. It's definitely worth the journey!
When the ME
and OTHER scales  
are truly in balance,  
  then we have a happy, harmonious

"Win - Win" means real balance
between the Me and the Other
This Full Moon might be a good time to evaluate your relationships. Take each person who plays a significant role in your life and assess the balance of the Libran scales:
  • With whom do you give too much of your true self away?
  • With whom do you feel your individuality is not respected?
  • With whom do you feel balance?
  • With whom are you most comfortable sharing your true self?
  • With whom are you most angry?


Ask yourself why each person fits into the category and identify one thing you can do in your next meeting with this person to bring the scales into balance or to keep them in balance.


The Full Moon - enter Uranus!

While each and every Full Moon is a time of awareness, the addition of Uranus conjunct the Moon and oppose the Sun adds a powerful burst of energy to this Full Moon.

Uranus is known as the Great Awakener and Liberator. Uranus was discovered in 1781, at the time of the great revolutions in both the United States (1776 through 1783) and in France (1789 through 1799). True to the events occurring at the time of his discovery, Uranus is a powerful agent of change.

The role of Uranus is to awaken, liberate and bring change so that life moves forward. Uranus supports your unfolding journey in two ways:
  • First, Uranus can suddenly awaken us to aspects of our authentic self that have remained dormant.
  • Second, Uranus has a tendency to liberate you from the past, not all aspects of the past, but specifically aspects of life that are no longer serving the mythic journey of your soul.
Uranus brings events that promote
awakening, liberating and change.

For this Full Moon, Uranus is bringing awareness to the themes of the signs of Aries and Libra. How?

While the sign of Libra is about the search for love, friendship and harmony, Libra often seeks to fit in and make others happy and is not aware of your individual needs and desires. Enter Uranus! If anything, Uranus is great at making you powerfully aware of the unique aspects of what makes you truly "you"! He will DEMAND that you start the process of sharing these unique aspects with others so that your unfolding journey will lead to more fulfilling relationships.

Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, which shares an important quality with Libra. Both Aquarius and Libra are air signs. They share an awareness of the thoughts and ideas that define your most important aspirations (Aquarius) and that connect you to your most important relationships (Libra).

In this Full Moon, Uranus wants to awaken you  
to others who will make the most supportive companions  
on the Mythic Journey of Your Soul.

Uranus knows that when your companions are like-minded, that your relationships are more likely to be "in balance" and "in harmony".

While we have many different types of relationships in life, Uranus wants your most important relationships, your partner and close friends, to be your Kindred Spirts.

Uranus impacts relationships in two ways:
  • Awakening you to your individuality, so your relationships can be in greater harmony with who you truly are.
  • Liberating you from relationships that are perpetually frustrating and cannot be brought into balance.
For this Full Moon, again assess your significant relationships and determine which ones allow the most freedom for you to express who you uniquely are and consider ways to bring more of your unique self into all interactions!


This Full Moon, energized by the awakening energy of Uranus, is a wonderful time to embrace new possibilities in all your relationships. Existing relationships can become re-inspired and re-energized. Alternatively, the new relationships you attract can be more rewarding and fulfilling, both in friendships and romantic partners.

May you move in Libran harmony, with the Sun, Moon and stars.


Full Moon Meditation

Saturday's Full Moon (October 15, 2016) is based on the themes associated with Libra and Aries and their rules, Venus and Mars.

This meditation is focused on finding balance and harmony in your daily life.

You can listen to the meditation on our website:  Full Moon Meditation Page. 


Photos From Our Bavarian Adventures
Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Ga-Pa):  Our New Home

We met a very vibrant 95 year old women who chastized us for not being more active.  So, in honor of her inspiration and light, we sought out a trail we could walk each day during small breaks in our schedule.

We found a lovely trail for a 20 minute walk door to door.  We live on the Partenkirchen side of Ga-Pa and this town it is a place where, in some regards, time has stood still.  Having said that, it is modern in every sense of the word.  That is exactly what makes the area so special:  it is the best of both the modern world and representative of a simpler time all wrapped into one.

Active farms still exist right in the center of town (more on that next month) and individuals still keep farm animals on their property.  All of these animals help to trim the grass and fertilize the lawns and they generate eggs, milk and wool.  Here is a collage of all the animals we passed on our 20 minute walk:  lots of chickens, geese, milk cows, sheep and many fabulous goats!  Yes, the geese have their very own pools!


This walk also leads down a trail that leads to the river.  Since the flood barriers are so high (to protect during snow melt), we did not think direct river access existed in the city.  This was a treat! 

We are so thankful that we met our dear 95 year old friend who encouraged us to be more active!


Also, an update from our last newsletter:  our kitchen finally arrived!  We can plan meals and cook excellent food again!  Yeah!

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