Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce.    Marry and have sons and daughters; find wives for your sons and give your daughters in marriage, so that they too may have sons and daughters. Increase in number there; do not decrease.

Jeremiah 29:5-6

This morning I I took my morning walk in the park across the street from my house. Usually it's bustling with children laughing and climbing up and down the playground equipment, along with walkers and runners enjoying their morning exercise routine. But this morning, I saw no signs of people enjoying the park when I took my morning walk; just the birds singing their morning songs.

When the Israelites were exiled to Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar and became his slaves, the temptation was to stop with the business of living since they were in captivity. However, Jeremiah instructed them to move ahead with their lives. He reminded them to “build homes, plant gardens, and eat the food you produce. Marry and have children and grandchildren. Don't dwindle away. Pray to the Lord for that city, where you are held captive, for if Babylon has peace, so will you.“ Jeremiah 29:4-7.

The natural response when troublesome times invade our lives like the Corona Virus has done is to stop with the business of living. But Jeremiah's letter to the exiles in Babylon reminds us too that our lives cannot grind to a halt while we are in the midst of this difficult and distressing situation. Yes, it's important to make the necessary adjustments needed to maintain our health and the health of our loved ones, but to paraphrase the words of Jeremiah, we are to "keep building homes, planting gardens, marrying and having children. We are to keep working and worshiping. We are to keep loving and learning. And most of all, we are to keep praying. For lives to be changed for the better because of the Corona Virus. In our city. In our nation. In our world. Until deliverance comes!

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