Daily Prayer 
Prepare my heart, mind and soul for the wonders that await me today, Beloved Creator. Mindfully I will embrace, whether blessed or stressed, every chance to welcome the counsel of your Spirit. 
Gird me for the joys and jostles, for the merriment and mishaps which will occasion me today, and may every moment serve only to draw me nearer and dearer to you! 

Psalm 144 

Blessed are You, O Radiant One,
You, who are hidden within
our hearts,
Even as we are hidden within
Your heart
You invite us to participate in
the Divine Unfoldment,
As we awaken from our long sleep
and give birth to creativity.
Open us that we might recognize the
Divine in every person,
And become sensitive to all we
meet along the path.
For you are the Breathing Life of all,
the infinite and eternal within
Our hearts.
Evoke the Child in our souls,
that purity and grace might
Inflame us with compassion so
we nurture ourselves and others
with healing and forgiveness!
Empower us with wisdom and knowledge,
that we might bring forth
the Divine Plan!
And let us recognize the Truth
that clear vision might unfold.
You who are Divine Love, receive
our devotion,
that we may walk in beauty.
May our heart's ears heed well
the Divine Word written on
every heart,
That integrity and justice may
dwell within us.
Let each one be receptive to the
Spirit that inspires,
Allowing our will to respond
with action;
And may all judgments and denials
be released,
That our souls are freed to
serve the Light with joy!
Gratitude and inner peace will abide in
every tranquil soul,
Blessing the universe that
lovingly cares for us.

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