Daily Prayer

God who calls us,
Help me to listen for your voice
And help me to respond with trust.


When I was young, my parents brought my sister and I to the Washington Monument in Washington, DC. The monument, located on the National Mall, stands at a whopping 555 feet tall and is the
largest obelisk in the world.

After waiting in line, we got the opportunity to ride the elevator up to the top. When we finally arrived, I remember looking out the windows and being confronted with this incredible image of the city: buildings as far as the eye could see, cars and buses, and crowds of people.

Almost immediately, I had an overwhelming and lingering sense of smallness - one that I still recall vividly to this day. It was a sort of existential awakening: having spent my whole life as a central character in my small family's life, I was suddenly realizing that I was just one of billions of people in this world. I felt, frankly, scared, insignificant, and hopeless.

What I didn't realize yet was that in spite of my smallness, I remained
deeply significant in God's eyes. I didn't realize that God's love isn't
a limited commodity to be spread thinly across the world, but that it is
a well from which all people can drink with abundance.

But this reality gives us a challenging choice: are we going to minimize
ourselves and sink into the crowd, or are we going to stand up and
realize that we are children of God, wonderfully made and purposefully

This week, we are going to explore the concept of "calling:" the amazing
way that God seeks to disclose divine love through our very lives. The
truth that God calls each of us - yes, even you! - to the work of ministry is a wonder-inducing reality. The same God who brought creation into being knows and loves you. The same God who was made known to us in Jesus Christ has designed a purpose for your life. Each new day is an opportunity to discern and live out God's call for your life.

Discerning God's call isn't always easy work. But I pray that this week's
Scriptures, reflections, and prayers serve as a guide for you. More than
anything, I hope that they awaken you to a sense of wonder and joy:
God is pursuing you for a purpose.

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