Daily Prayer 
God of each new day, Thank you for every good gift.
Help me to see you crafting beauty around every corner.
Guide me to wonder and work with you there. Amen. 
Every new season brings new reasons to be grateful. In this season of my life, I am particularly grateful for the times when my family gathers from across multiple time zones for a few days of rest, conversation, and play. It's less important exactly where we gather or what activities fill our days. 

At the end of our times together, what I remember most fondly are the shared moments - laughter, of course, but also hearing young adult perspectives, sharing our hopes and dreams for our futures, and simply delighting in the gift of each other. I count these moments as gifts, and I am grateful for them all. 

What I find interesting in this season of Lent is that the gratitude I have for my family and these moments we share isn't a stagnant reality, existing only as a feeling about a memory of something past. This same gratitude serves as a present catalyst for the work of my days and the choices I make for my future. 
Simply put, there seems to be something generative about gratitude. 

So I invite you to join with me in pausing for a moment of gratitude each morning this week. Perhaps by practicing gratitude for what we have, God might wake us up to wonder and work for the new mercies before us each day.

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