Daily Prayer 
Prepare my heart, mind and soul for the wonders that await me today, Beloved Creator. Mindfully I will embrace, whether blessed or stressed, every chance to welcome the counsel of your Spirit. 
Gird me for the joys and jostles, for the merriment and mishaps which will occasion me today, and may every moment serve only to draw me nearer and dearer to you! 

The power of the unique "voice" of a shepherd for his specific "flock" is brought out in an early twentieth-century firsthand account by C.T. Wilson in Peasant Life in the Holy Land (1906): 

"Some years ago, I was staying the night in some shepherds' tents in the Jebel Ajlun (Gilead). The tents, to the number of ten or twelve, were pitched in a wide circle enclosing a considerable area. In the evening some six or seven flocks were brought within the camp for protection. 
In the morning, when the time came for the shepherds to take their charges out to pasture, instead of attempting to separate their respective flocks from the crowd of goats and sheep scattered promiscuously over the enclosed space, each shepherd went a little way beyond the ring of tents and standing there uttered his special call. Instantly the whole mass of sheep and goats was in motion, and as the shepherds continued to call, the several flocks separated themselves, each streaming out of the camp in the direction of their respective guides, and in five minutes not a goat or sheep remained inside. 
Looking again shortly afterwards, the various flocks could be seen diverging to all points of the compass, each following its own shepherd.

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